Best Built-In Propane Fire Pit

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Bonfires and backyard BBQ’s are the cornerstone of a relaxing summer for lots of people. And for some, that means loading up with firewood and charcoal. For others, it just means filling up the propane tank. There’s a whole host of reasons why you might want to consider picking up a gas fire pit, but there’s no doubt that they’re a great way to enjoy your patio or backyard without having to contend with a smokey fire that needs constant maintenance. Here we’re going to review the best built-in propane fire pits, as well as talk a little bit about what makes them a good fit for a possible alternative to a wood burning fire pit

What is the Best Built-In Propane Fire Pit? 

There’s been a growing movement towards fire pits that not only work in a wider variety of spaces, but also that put out much less smoke. Propane fire pits are obviously a standout choice in this regard, since they don’t put out any smoke and can be used on almost any wood deck or patio. That being said, you might even find they’re a little more cost-effective than using A. natural gas, and somewhat more versatile and convenient than a wood burning fire pit. 

Propane Fire Pits Are Burn Ban Safe 

Don’t want to let the burn ban get in the way of your summer enjoyment this year? Local municipalities across North America have been forced to use burn bans, otherwise known as fire bans or open fire bans to try and stunt the heavy onset of forest fires. And in some cases to help keep them contained and lower the local risk factors. 

Propane is subject to the same restrictions as your gas BBQ, which means you don’t have to let a burn ban stop you from being able to enjoy a warm fire outside with your friends and family this summer.

Are Propane Fire Pits Efficient? 

Propane pits aren’t just a warm way to kick it by the fire without a face full of smoke. If you want to keep warm, propane can put out more lovely BTU’s apples to apples with natural gas for less fuel per volume. Not only will you get more burn time out of it, but it burns hotter, too! Compared to firewood, it may or may not be a cheaper alternative depending on how you get your wood. That being said, it still puts out a hotter flame without the irritating smoke and need to constantly restock wood. For some it’s a welcome pastime, for others a serious annoyance. If you want to get a hotter burn for less money on average, propane fire pits are an efficient and cost-effective choice!  

The Best Built-in Propane Fire Pit Insert 

CLLVGOKD 18“ x 18″ Fire Pit Burner Stainless Steel Fire Pit

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This fire pit insert isn’t all that easy to pronounce, but it does a fantastic job of letting you build you very own unit! If you want to go truly custom with your propane fire pit, this stainless steel fire pit pan is exactly what you’re looking for.

It consists of an 18″x18″ fire pit pan that includes the burner, fuel line and pan where you’ll put all of your lava rock or glass stones.

If you’re the DIY type and you’d like to make something unique for your patio, deck or outdoor space this kit is perfect for creating one yourself!

The Best Speaker With a Built-In Fire Pit

UKIAH Tailgater II Music Fire Table

tailgater two in one speaker and fire pit

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The Ukiah Tailgater II represents a combination you truly may never have thought of before: the fabled speaker and propane fire pit combo!

This built-in propane fire pit doesn’t just light up your evening patio engagements, but brings the beats too! It features an easy-connect propane nozzle on the side that services the built-in fire pit itself, making for both portable and more permanent use as well.

Marine-grade speakers mean you don’t have to sweat a little rain or even a party-foul. But the most surprising feature? A built-in speaker! You can use voice-control thanks to a built in speaker. That’s right, a fire pit you can make phone calls from!

The Best Propane Faux Stone Fire Pit 

Best Choice Products Faux Stone Gas Fire Pit 

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This is a round stone fire pit by Best Choice that adds a more natural looking element to your deck, patio or outdoor entertainment space. Since it’s relatively light-weight and running entirely on propane, you might enjoy it as a centerpiece in a BBQ setup that doubles as an entertaining space! 

The natural stone effect is what really brings it home with this piece. It emulates the look and feel of a natural stone fire pit that doesn’t impart a modern or industrial look into your space. This model uses a propane hose, which is more or less standard on units like this one that are low to the ground. The fire pit itself comes with an all-weather cover, and doesn’t require any assembly whatsoever. The pit itself features some visually interesting lava rock which pairs wonderfully with the dancing gas flame. 

Best Rectangular Built-In Propane Fire Pit

Uniflasy 24″ by 8″ Drop-in Insert Fire Pit Pan Burner Kit

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Trying to make your own propane fire pit? This kit has everything you need to make your own DIY built-in propane fire pit! As long as you’ve got lava rocks, or fire glass and something to ‘drop’ this into, you’re off to the races.

This unit in particular comes in a 30″ long size, which makes it perfect for creating a DIY fire table or built-in unit of your own! Once you’ve installed this drop-in insert, the included fuel line will hook right up to the regulator on your propane tank.

In all seriousness, this kit shines with its value right off the bat, containing every piece you need to make you own built-in fire pit. This is especially useful if you’ve already got some material son hand such as countertop cut-off’s, or even some live edge wood you don’t want to go to waste!

Best Small Propane Fire Pit Table 

Endless Summer 30″ Square Gas Pit With Ceramic Mantle 

Best built-in propane fire pit for patios

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Wainscotting-style metal panels make up the base of this stand-up fire pit table that makes a great addition to any outdoor entertainment space! While some propane, as well as wood burning fire pits suffer from the same unfortunate design flaw: they’re often all-steel and don’t blend into your space very well. It’s one thing for a fire pit to make a statement, but oftentimes they just look a bit too industrial, or add too much steel texture to a space. That isn’t the case with this piece by Endless Summer. A refreshing ceramic tile design makes its debut on this fire pit, making for the perfect ledge for a small bowl or even a glass of wine. 

The cabinet-style design is common with gas fire pit tables, although this one is a little more practical. It features a built-in rack for safely securing your standard 20lb propane gas tank, right next to which is an easy-ignition button and a dial to adjust the flame on top. The insert on top is labeled as black fire glass, which more or less fits the description. It ties the look together, and creates a wonderful surface for the flame to reflect off of. 

Thanks for checking out some of the best built-in propane fire pits you can find! Which model really is the best fire pit? I’m partial to the simplicity of the black enamel steel portable propane fire pit by Outland Living. It’s the perfect size for taking with you anywhere you’d like, while also putting out a decent amount of heat. Have any experience using propane fire pits yourself? Let us know more about them down in the comments below!