Best Outdoor Kayak Storage Racks

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Keep your prized kayak safe with our top-rated best outdoor kayak storage racks reviewed! We’re going to look at the top storage systems to keep your kayak off of the ground, regardless of where you’d like to store them. These racks give you the flexibility of being able to keep them outside, without having to be overly concerned about whether or not the unit itself is capable of being kept outside. If you’re trying to keep these safe and off of the ground when you’re not taking to the water, you’re going to want to check out our reviews for these storage racks for some peace of mind! 

Reviewing the Best Outdoor Kayak Storage Racks 

There’s a bunch of reasons why you might want to take to storing your kayaks outdoors this year, chiefly among them is ease of access. If you’re on a private property, this might just be the best option for being able to jump right into your favorite form of recreation without having to haul it a long distance, or manhandle it off of a garage storage rack, maneuvering through your entranceway, before finally loading it onto the car. The other reason is that you might have a remote enough spot to kayak where you know the rack won’t be disturbed. While they don’t necessarily weatherproof the kayaks themselves, these storage racks are a great first-step if you want to find out how to keep your kayaks safely outdoors during the rafting season. 

How to Store Kayaks Outside All Summer Long 

The first thing you’re going to want to do is determine where exactly you want to store your kayaks. Near the water? On the dock? Or even, off of your back deck? This will have a significant impact on which type of rack you should be looking for. Here’s a great example of why you’d want to lean towards a certain style of kayak storage rack. 

Say you’re planning on storing your kayaks inside of a boat launch that’s exposed to the outdoors on the inside, a shed, or even your little slice of dock. You’re going to want a storage rack that is capable of being installed on a wall structure. If you’re placing the storage rack outside near your back deck, or inside a detached garage, you may even want one that’s freestanding. This is especially important for outdoor applications since you probably don’t want to install hardware on the outside of your home unless you absolutely have to. Going with this type of model also keeps it perfectly mobile, since most of them are deconstructible. 

Below we’re going to review some of the best outdoor kayak storage racks to keep your boat safe so you can continue to enjoy your favorite outing in a clean and protected raft that will stand the test of time. 

Best Portable Kayak and Canoe Storage Rack

BEST Marine Folding Kayak Storage Racks 

The best kayak storage rack for portability

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Why are these some of the best and most efficient storage rack systems for kayaks and other light watercraft? Simply put, they’re small and fold up like nothing! Seriously, the biggest benefit to these is for those who like to take their kayaking and camping in equal measure. That, or who go to a destination that’s even just somewhat remote to engage with their favorite activity. 

These can easily be set out at the mouth of a river, by the sand or on uneven terrain to safely hold your kayak over the forest floor while you’re enjoying a drink with your friends or constructing a campfire. The thing is, simply placing it on the ground leaves it as a potential home for buggies, unwanted foliage stowaways among other things. They can support up to 100lbs, and have protective padding and a small bungee to safely support the narrow bow. 

Best Kayak Storage Rack With Adjustable Arms 

RaxGo Freestanding Kayak Storage Rack 

Raxgo kayak storage rack with adjustable arms

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Ideal for paddle boards, kayaks and small boats, this storage rack is uniquely designed to be heavy duty, reliable and quite versatile. In our breakdown above, we described some of the different types of kayak storage racks you could hope to find. This model in particular is a great example of a freestanding rack that is best suited for flat surfaces such as a dock, your back deck or inside of an outdoor shed or boat launch.

 If you’ve got the space to spare but don’t want to mess with installing a wall mounted storage rack, this model is a fantastic compromise between the two! The height of this rack is totally adjustable, and represents one that can be both multipurpose and uniquely designed to suit your needs. Fully constructed it’s 4.5 feet high, with arms that are completely adjustable to fit one or two canoes or kayaks. 

Best Flat Arm Wall Mounted Watercraft Racks 

Storage Rack Solutions Rack in a Box System 

Flat arm mounted watercraft rack

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This model positions itself as a ‘rack in a box’ versatile setup system that provides a lot of capacity. This model is completely designed from polymer materials, this has a few benefits to its use as an outdoor system. While the main purpose of outdoor kayak storage racks is to hold up and protect your prized light watercraft, 

they themselves also need to be suitable for staying outdoors in various conditions. The thing about plastic storage rack systems like these is that they’re safe against UV, water, humidity and other conditions that may otherwise weaken materials like wood, or slowly rust certain types of metal. Besides that, these racks come in two different sizes. One set is capable of holding 2 kayaks, while the other can hold up to three! They both have an interesting wider design on the lower half which lends particularly well to them staying on your wall securely. 

The Best Outdoor Kayak Storage Rack with Safety Straps 

RAD Sports Double Kayak Storage Rack with Safety Strap System 

Kayak rack pictured with safety straps to secure your kayak

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This is a two in one safe saving system, as well as an ultra-safe storage rack for your kayaks. It provides safety for your watercraft by allowing them to rest on one of two sets of adjustable arms which can move up and down the frame depending on how wide your crafts are. It’s also freestanding, each piece having a set of two rollers that keep it securely in place. This is a great example of a freestanding unit that’s also capable of keeping your kayaks from blowing away in the wind, or otherwise falling off for any other reason. 

The best selling point of these, which I absolutely love, is the safety strap system. For someone who’s paranoid about equipment like me, it’s perfect for giving you that little bit of added peace of mind when your kayaks are not in use. Suitable for outside use, this unit is coated steel tubing which is more than capable of holding two kayaks and keeping them securely in place. 

Best Hanging Kayak Storage Strap System with Paddle Clips 

Double Hanging Kayak Storage Strap by Pelican 

Hanging kayak rack for garages and boathouses

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Designed by Pelican, this system is perfect for those who are otherwise seriously tight on space, but don’t want to deal with anything bulky or complicated. It’s also worth mentioning that this is seriously the most affordable and cost effective way of storing your kayaks safely. Let’s talk a little bit about how versatile this system really is. Being a set of straps it’s nearly totally impervious to the weather. 

It can hang easily on the side of a shed, inside or outside of a boat launch and if you so desire, on the outside of a home or cabin. It can be used either against a wall, or hanging free from a ceiling or superstructure. Not only do these straps hold your kayak in place safely, but they do so with two sets of paddle holders, one for each kayak. This means that all of your gear can hang safely off of the ground, which helps keep them out of the way and reduces the chances of them getting damaged one way or the other. Just wait until you see just how easy it is to set up, too! It has a system of carabiners and rings that makes it a real breeze, with only two hooks needing to be installed! 

Thanks for checking out these reviews for the best outdoor kayak storage racks! If you love rafting and watercraft sports, we’d love to hear from you! Let other readers know about your experience with kayak accessories, or some of your best equipment tips in the comments below. 


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