Best Outdoor Canoe Storage Racks Reviewed

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Today we’re going to take a look at something that can make your canoeing trip a whole lot easier! Whether you’re storing them up at the cabin, or just looking for something to keep them out of the rain while you’re there these are the best outdoor canoe storage racks, reviewed! 

The Best Outdoor Canoe Storage Racks Reviewed

Storing your kayaks or canoes during summer shouldn’t be such a pain. We all know what happens if you’ve ever tried to lean them up on something, and strapping them back onto your vehicle just isn’t practical when you’re on a canoeing trip. 

Needless to say, you should want to protect your vessel by using a storage system that keeps it out of the way, and clear out of the way of pests, the elements, and anything else that might conspire to harm it. 

What’s the Best Way to Store a Canoe?

You’re going to want to use a dedicated storage rack, or system that’s going to be able to keep it off of the ground and away from anything that could damage it while not in use. This includes racks, hoists and wall-mounted storage systems. The fact of the matter is that canoes can’t just lay on the ground due to their shape, and that is one of the most likely times it will become damaged aside from the sport itself. 

What’s the Best Kind of Canoe Storage Rack? 

 A lot of it depends on the weight, material and length of your canoe. There are a number of storage racks that can be customized to fit your specific canoe comfortably. 

This includes wall-mounted racks since you can space them as far apart as you need to in order to safely hang your particular canoe. Otherwise, you’re going to want to make sure that the specific storage rack you’re looking at comes in a size, and depth (on the hooks) to support your canoe safely without it sitting too high and potentially slipping off. 

Below, you can check out some reviews of the best outdoor canoe storage racks, which happen to be some of our favorites! 

RAD Sportz Easy Hanger Canoe Rack 

RAD Sportz Easy Hanger Rack review for the best outdoor canoe storage rack

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While it’s marketed as a kayak rack, the weight capacity and overall size of these holders are more than capable of holding up the average canoe. It includes two heavy-duty wall mountable arms that will safely hold your vessel up off the ground when you’re not using it. 

It even includes a safety strap system to ensure that there’s no possible way that the canoe can fall off of the rack until you’re ready to un buckle it and go! 

The arms are made from powder-coated steel which is completely weather resistant, and is able to hold up to 125 pounds. Most canoes don’t push 50-85 pounds, making this a more than strong enough wall-mounted storage option. 


  • Weather-resistant for mounting in an outdoor boathouse, or exterior wall 
  • Included safety straps to prevent accidental falls or tips 
  • Wide arms for holding canoes, kayaks or paddle boards 


  • Arms do not include any padding to protect the keel of the canoe, although it is not a rough surface 

RaxGo Free Standing Canoe Rack with 4 Spaces 

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This is a heavy-duty freestanding option that lets you place the unit absolutely wherever you need it to be. It’s great for the inside of an outdoor shed or garage, as well as a deck or even right on the dock. The height is fully adjustable, so it can fit just about anywhere without having to worry about clearance. 

Once assembled this unit can handle up to four different kayaks or canoes, up to an impressive 220 pounds in total. The durable base is composed of two ‘tripods’ of legs on either side, so it will be durable on grass, wood flooring, concrete or wherever else you decide to place it. 


  • Can hold as many as 4 kayaks at once
  • Features outdoor safe weather resistant foam padded arms 
  • Forms one frame that is completely freestanding yet very stable 
  • Each side of the frame has a 4-leg design 


  • Padded foam arms are held together with a zip tie design that can be subject to breaking

RAD Sportz Double Kayak Storage Rack 

Kayak Storage Rack for holding kayaks and canoes

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This pair of two freestanding steel storage racks are incredibly durable, and provide you with quite possibly the safest storage solution for your canoe, if that’s something that keeps you up at night! 

Seriously though, no judgment here. For protecting your canoes, this double canoe rack has strong yet adjustable steel arms featuring covered foam padding so as to not scratch or otherwise damage your canoe while you’re taking it on or off the rack. 

The arms are completely scratch-resistant, with foam-covered sleeves so your canoes won’t get chipped up or scratched unnecessarily. It holds 200 pounds maximum, making it great for larger or heavier canoes. Lastly, there’s a set of safety straps to keep your canoes safely in place while they’re being stored.


  • Uses straps to secure your kayak for indoor or outdoor storage so it won’t fall
  • Has weatherproof padded arms to hold your kayak without denting or scratching
  • All weather coating makes it suitable for use anywhere 


  • Has no method for securing to another surface, provides only temporary freestanding storage 

Wallmaster Canoe Storage Hooks

Wallmaster canoe storage hooks

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These hooks are ideal for hanging your canoe against the wall, as they’re designed to be a heavy-duty wall-mountable storage system. It includes one set of these hooks, which are completely adjustable to accommodate the width of your canoe, regardless of what that might be. The ends are too, meaning there’s little chance of it slipping or falling off the side. 

Once the canoe is resting on the hooks, there’s even a bit of room for your paddles right behind it. These fold upwards to save space when not in use, too! That makes them great for use on the dock, or in an outdoor shed up at the cabin. It’s easy to install, and accommodates up to a 78 pound canoe. 


  • Rigid metal construction with all-weather coating for outdoor use
  • Versatile installation options for mounting on different surfaces 
  • Is also capable of holding paddles underneath the kayak
  • Extendable arm for different kayak sizes


  • Does not come with padding for the arms of the rack where the kayak rests 

StoreYourBoard Canoe Ceiling Storage Hoist 

Storage hoist for overhead canoe storage

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Alright, so you really need to save on space? This pulley can hold on to your canoe either during the off season in your garage, or completely out of the way in the boat house. In fact, it’s perfect for installing directly over the bay of your boathouse to hoist up your canoe once you’re done rowing for the day! 

This package includes everything you need to assemble a pulley system, including the hoist and brackets with the pulleys that go into the ceiling. The system can accommodate up to a 60 pound canoe, and features adjustable straps that will stretch to fit wider polymer canoes. 

The package includes all of the necessary hardware you need to assemble the lift, which can be mounted to 2×6 beams, or straight to the ceiling. 


  • Keeps canoes out of the way, great for long-term boathouse storage
  • Fits any size of canoe 


  • Only holds up to 60 pounds each 

Which One is the Best Outdoor Canoe Storage Rack?

Most of us canoe with friends or family, and a good rack for me is one with a lot of capacity and an incredibly stable structure. I found that the RaxGo Free Standing Canoe storage rack did the job in style. It gives you a place to store you and your guest’s boards, canoes or kayaks as well as paddles with an incredibly stable surface with which to do so. 

This storage rack checks all the boxes for durability, ease of setup as well as function. It holds a lot of equipment, and does fairly well right on the dock, by the shed or inside of the boathouse.