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If you’re someone who does yoga regularly then you probably know how energizing it is to practice it outside. Regardless of whether you’re a total newbie or experienced yogi, if you want to try yoga out in nature you’re going to need the best outdoor yoga mat.

As someone who enjoys doing yoga, I know how nice it can be to get a change of scenery. It doesn’t matter if you do yoga for relaxation, to energize yourself, or for fitness – outdoor yoga is going to benefit everyone.

These yoga mats are also great if you’re taking an outdoor yoga class. A lot of places are offering those now, but you don’t always know what kind of terrain you’re going to be set up on. Having a great yoga mat to use on grass will make the class that much more enjoyable! 

Why it’s Important to Have a Good Yoga Mat

The yoga mat is the main piece of equipment you need to practice yoga. It’s made of a material that prevents you from slipping as you take on the various yoga poses.

Nothing is worse than your feet sliding back while you’re trying to hold the downward facing dog! 

Having proper grip doesn’t just help you do your workout more effectively, it also lowers your chances of injury from a fall or poor position. 

Yoga mats are also designed to provide a bit of padding between you and the hard ground. The cushioning helps distribute your weight more evenly, which in turn helps ease the pressure on your joints. Basically, it lowers the impact of the workout on your body.

The Best Outdoor Yoga Mat Options

Gruper Thick Yoga Mat Non Slip, Large Size

Gruper Thick Yoga Mat Non Slip, Large Size 72' L x 32' W, Premium Exercise & Fitness Mat with Carrying Strap and Bag,Workout Mats for Home

This mat is great because it’s a good size. If you’ve done yoga with a smaller mat before then you know how annoying it is when your hands or feet end up just slightly off the sides of the mat. Especially if you’re moving a lot during your yoga session.

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That’s even worse when you’re outside because you could easily put your hand down on a rock or twig, which could hurt. Speaking of, that’s another reason I chose this yoga mat – it’s made of thick foam so you won’t feel all the little bumps under you while outside.

It also has a carrying strap so it’s easy to take your yoga mat to and from your outdoor class or bring it inside when you’re done in the yard.


  • Thick foam provides extra cushion when practicing yoga outdoors
  • Handy strap makes the mat easy to transport and store
  • Wider than most yoga mats


  • Since it’s made of foam it could get damaged if you place it on top of something sharp like rocks or twigs
  • Strap isn’t great quality and can be tough to wrap around the mat after use
  • Gets slippery when you’re sweating

Amazon Basics 1/2-Inch Extra Thick Exercise Yoga Mat

Amazon Basics Extra Thick Exercise Yoga Gym Floor Mat with Carrying Strap, 74 x 24 x .5 Inches, Black

Usually Amazon Basics products are pretty decent quality for the price, and this is no exception. It’s very thick, which is perfect for using it on uneven surfaces like grass or your deck. 

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There are lines that run in one direction for grip, which is more comfortable than raised style grips that other mats have. One downside, though, is that since it’s made from foam it could be prone to scratches. Especially if you’re using it outside or transporting this mat lots.

Still, for the price it’s great quality – especially since it’s so thick. One thing to be careful of is it does slide a bit depending on what exercise you’re doing.


  • Thick foam mat that’s easy to transport
  • There are grips (ridges) running along the mat for extra comfort
  • Comes with straps that make it easier to carry


  • Standard size yoga mat might not be big enough for taller folks
  • Gets slippery when wet
  • Sometimes slips on certain surfaces

Gonex Yoga Mat with Alignment Lines

Gonex Yoga Mat with Alignment Lines for Women Men, Eco-Friendly TPE Mat Non Slip 1/4 Inch Thick Exercise Mat for Yoga Pilates and Fitness, Purple

This mat is a bit different from the typical foam yoga mats that you see. It’s made from an eco-friendly TPE material so you don’t have to worry about the environmental impacts as much with this purchase.

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It’s extremely light, which makes it super easy to take along with you. If you’re planning to do yoga somewhere a little bit remote and have to lug a mat there, this one is probably one of the easiest to do that with.

Since it isn’t foam, this outdoor yoga mat is going to be less likely to get scratched up by small rocks or twigs when you’re practicing outside. 


  • Very durable with reinforced sides 
  • Thick enough to provide good support without being heavy
  • Easy to clean – which is great for outdoor use!


  • Since it’s so light it sometimes has a hard time laying flat, especially if it’s been rolled up for a long time
  • You can’t use it with shoes on
  • Doesn’t come with a carrying case or strap

Live Well 360 Handmade Organic Cotton Yoga Mat Natural Yoga Mat

Handmade Organic Cotton Yoga Mat by Live Well 360 - Natural Yoga Mat - Exercise, Workout, & Fitness Rug Made of 100% Cotton - Woven Material - Hand-Crafted, Absorbent & Washable - 78' x 27' (Blue)

Yoga mats have been around a lot longer than we’ve been making things out of foam. But few people look at other material options for their mats!

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I absolutely love cotton as a foam alternative. It’s much better for the environment, and has its own benefits when it comes to doing yoga. The only thing I would suggest, though, is if you’re newer to yoga you might find it more slippery than the rubber mats.

Since we’re talking about the best outdoor yoga mat here, though, I have to say this one is a frontrunner. First of all, it’s washable! You never know what’s going to happen when you throw your yoga mat on the ground outside, so having something that can be easily cleaned is a huge plus.

Then there’s the material. Foam is really easy to scratch and puncture, especially outside. You’re not going to have that problem with a cotton yoga mat!


  • Easy to clean – this yoga mat can be washed
  • Very durable for outdoor use
  • Handmade from sustainable materials
  • Doesn’t have that artificial feeling on your feet


  • More slippery than foam mats
  • Only available in one size, which is the standard yoga mat size
  • Doesn’t include a carrying case or straps, although it does roll up easily

Natural Cork Yoga Mat

Natural Cork Yoga Mat 5.5mm thick Nonslip Hot Yoga Pilates with Carrying Strap and Lightweight - for hot Yoga and Outdoor or Indoor Yoga - brown chakra wheel design with alignment marks arc lines

I love cork as a material. It’s sustainable, comfortable, and usually pretty durable. Since it’s less flexible than rubber, you’re less likely to damage this mat doing yoga outside. It also doesn’t stretch as much under your feet on hard surfaces.

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Another great thing about the cork mat is that it’s better with moisture meaning sweaty hands are less of an issue. I also love the way it has guide lines printed right on the surface to help you pose correctly.


  • Made from all natural, sustainable materials and the company even plants a tree with each purchase
  • Cork is easy to use like foam, but much more durable
  • Stylish and has guides printed on it to help you get into position correctly


  • Doesn’t roll up as small as other yoga mats
  • Has a smell when you first open it, but it does go away after airing out
  • Cork might stain, especially if your feet aren’t clean (which happens sometimes when you’re doing yoga outside!) 

The Best Outdoor Yoga Mat

So your class is booked and you’re all ready to do some yoga outside. Or maybe you’re flying solo in the tranquility of nature somewhere special? Either way, you’re ready for the best outdoor yoga mat. But which is it? 

This one was a pretty difficult choice, since there are so many great outdoor yoga mats on this list to choose from. And truly, each one is great for its own reasons so you can’t go wrong with any of them.

That being said, the Gruper Thick Yoga Mat Non Slip yoga mat is my pick for the best outdoor yoga mat. 

As someone who does yoga, it ticks a lot of boxes for me. First of all, it’s oversized which means you don’t have to worry about your hands or feet ending up off the sides. While that’s annoying enough at home, it’s especially irritating when you stick your palm in grass or dirt.

I like a thick yoga mat anyway, but it’s especially good outside. You won’t be feeling all the unevenness of the ground or every single little pebble under this mat, which is really nice. It makes it a lot easier to relax!

Finally, the price is reasonable so you’re not going to be super stressed about taking it outside vs a more expensive mat. When you do, there’s a handy strap to make carrying easier!

Final Thoughts on the Best Outdoor Yoga Mat

Like I said before, all these mats are great options. It really depends on what kind of material you’re looking for and what makes you comfortable while you do yoga.

You know when your yoga instructor tells you to do what works for you when it comes to how deep to take a pose? It’s like that. Choose the outdoor yoga mat that’s best for you

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