Best Outdoor Karaoke System

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The sun is setting. The stage is ready. It’s finally time for backyard karaoke! But you’ll need the best outdoor karaoke system to make it happen – here’s some of our top picks to make the decision easier.

Best Outdoor Karaoke System

Who doesn’t love singing? Karaoke is one of those activities that people of all ages (both kids and adults) can enjoy. All of these karaoke systems can easily be set up outdoors. They’re perfect for a backyard party or camping with friends! 

Can I Leave a Karaoke System Outside?

All of the karaoke systems on this list can easily be used outdoors, but they can’t be left out there all the time. Like most electronics, karaoke machines are sensitive to the elements. 

High winds, rain, and extreme heat or cold can all have an effect on the machine, or even damage it irreparably.

All of these machines are going to be able to be taken outside, though. Most have handles and are portable so you can easily bring your karaoke machine into the backyard, to the park, camping, to the beach, or tailgating.

What to Look for When Shopping for an Outdoor Karaoke System

Since it’s an electronic device there’s going to be a lot of variety in features, size, and prices of karaoke machines. For ones that you plan to use outdoors, I strongly recommend getting something that’s portable, battery operated, and durable.

Besides the structure, though, there are a few features that karaoke machines often have.


Some come with mics, others have them sold separately. Do you want wireless? How many can the machine support? Some machines only have one mic plug, but most have two. 

Supported Media

How do you get the sound to your karaoke machine? Does it run off your phone via bluetooth, is it a CD player, or do you have to buy DVDs?

Most karaoke machines now have bluetooth compatibility so you can just pair your phone and play from your favourite streaming services.


Most karaoke machines for home use don’t have a screen. To get around that, there’s a few options. Some hook up to the TV and play video from DVDs. They’re not very good for bringing outside because, obviously, TVs aren’t very portable.

What most people do is display the lyrics on their phone or a tablet so there’s not really much need for a dedicated screen anymore.


Not required, but it sure makes things fun. Some karaoke machines have strobe lights so you can really set the mood. 

Where Can I Find Karaoke Songs?

There are lots of places to get karaoke versions of popular songs – for example, most streaming services (like Spotify) have them.

You can also check out Sing King on youtube: this channel has karaoke versions of many popular songs and lyrics. 

Best Budget Outdoor Karaoke Machine – ARCHEER Portable Speaker System

Best outdoor karaoke system for party people on a budget by ARCHEER

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This little speaker is great for karaoke. It comes with a mic and you can connect your phone via bluetooth or the aux hookup. For portability it has a handle at the top which makes it easy to carry – and it weighs just over 3lbs.

While you won’t be filling a huge space with this karaoke machine’s sound it’s perfect for those small get-togethers with friends. Really, who wants to broadcast their voice to the whole neighbourhood anyway?


  • Very lightweight and easy to transport
  • Good value for money
  • Has a rechargeable battery


  • Battery only lasts 4-8 hours
  • Doesn’t have a standard power plug, it’s charged via USB
  • Only supports one microphone

Best Light-Up Outdoor Karaoke Machine – MASINGO Bluetooth Karaoke Machine for Adults and Kids

Light-up karaoke machine system for outdoor use

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You can’t beat a karaoke machine with lights, especially when you’re singing after dark. The light doesn’t shine quite as bright outside as it does indoors (less to bounce the lights off of) but it still adds some great ambiance.

I really like the way the microphones snap into the sides so you can easily pick this karaoke machine up by the handle and take it to wherever the party is. 


  • Comes with 2 wireless microphones, but also supports wired mics too
  • Rechargeable battery lasts 5 hours
  • Supports a lot of media types and can be hooked up to the TV or external speakers


  • Mics need AA batteries (not included) and are not rechargeable
  • Mics cannot be plugged into the machine if they’re dead so you’ll need to buy separately if you want wired microphones
  • Weighs about 10lbs, which may be heavy to carry a long distance

Best Bluetooth Mic for Karaoke

Best Bluetooth Mic for Karaoke systems

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If you want a simple karaoke solution that’s easy to take with you this is it. The entire system is inside the microphone so you just have to toss it onto your bag to be ready for a good time. 

One battery charge can last 6-8 hours, perfect for taking this on a camping trip. To sing karaoke you just pair it with your phone – it even supports the popular apps. The sound comes out of the speakers that are built into the handle (it also doubles as a bluetooth speaker) so there’s no extra pieces to carry around.


  • Small and easy to take anywhere
  • Battery lasts a long time
  • Pairs to your phone and works with most karaoke apps


  • Sound comes out of the microphone handle so it can be loud for the person who’s singing
  • Not as loud as bigger speakers
  • Doubles as a bluetooth speaker, but not very practical when used as one

Best Boom Box Style – VeGue Outdoor Singing Machine

Boombox style karaoke machine

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It’s portable (even comes with a strap) and gives off a really loud sound.

What’s really cool about this machine though is that it actually cuts out the vocals for you. That means that you can use any song, not just karaoke songs. 


  • Easy to transport (has a strap)
  • Comes with two wireless microphones that light up with the beat of the music
  • Mutes the vocal track on regular songs
  • Disco lights are a nice addition


  • Sound goes loud, but quality could be better
  • Settings are on the remote so you need to have it with you
  • No power plug so you have to rely on the battery

Best for Bass – Moukey Karaoke Machine Speaker

The biggest problem some of these small portable karaoke machines (and speakers in general) have is that they usually don’t have great subwoofers built in. This machine is an absolute beast – in a good way. 

It does absolutely everything: great sound quality (with a 10” subwoofer), colour changing lights, rechargeable battery, wireless mic, and plenty of ports.


  • Good sound quality and volume
  • Has wheels and a handle so you can easily move this karaoke machine anywhere
  • LEDs can be turned off
  • Also doubles as a PA system (great for outdoor events)


  • Larger size can be hard to move around and wheels aren’t always good on outdoor terrain
  • Only comes with one wireless microphone
  • Controls are not very intuitive

Overall Winner – JYX Karaoke Machine with Two Wireless Microphones

karaoke machine with wireless microphones

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This karaoke machine is the perfect mix of size, quality, portability, and price for an outdoor karaoke system. The handle is comfortable to hold, it’s lightweight, and you can even comes with a strap to it for longer journeys.

It comes with two wireless microphones so you can sing duets, and can be paired with another speaker of the same type to create a better quality stereo sound. 


  • Good sound quality for a small, lightweight speaker
  • Easy to carry with a comfortable handle and strap
  • Bass, treble, and echo can be adjusted


  • Battery life advertises 8 hours, but it doesn’t always last that long
  • No power plug, you need to charge it again before using
  • Two more mics can be connected but they have to be wired

What is the Best Outdoor Karaoke System?

Our overall pick is the JYX Karaoke Machine because it’s the perfect blend of quality and portability. When you’re using a karaoke machine outside you need a volume that’s loud enough to fill the air, but not too loud that it disturbs people around you.

The sound quality is also good, and I like that you can adjust the settings to get the best sound quality for each song or singer.

While this machine is a good all around pick, it doesn’t have a tonne of features. There’s no lights and it doesn’t remove the vocal track from songs. If you’re looking for those extra features you might want to check out some of the other karaoke machines on this list.

Still, if you want an easy to set up and use karaoke machine with two mics this is a great choice.

Best Outdoor Karaoke System – Conclusion

Seriously, all of these karaoke machines are the best at what they do. It really depends on how you plan to use the machine! Some are very easy to transport, others budget friendly, and then there’s extra features like the strobe lights to look for.

Whatever outdoor karaoke system you get, don’t forget that they can all be used outdoors, but can’t be left out there. Oh, and have fun!