Best Outdoor Misting Fan to Stay Cool

Best Outdoor Misting Fan to Stay Cool

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Disclosure of Material Connection: Some of the links in the post above are "affiliate links." This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will add value to my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255: "Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising."

Summer rays bring the intense, but certainly welcome, summer heat. When the sun’s beating down on you all hours of the day, there’s only so many ways to keep cool. But, when you’re in between the pool, sprinkler or a delicious cold drink, there is another quicker way to bring down the heat, and get yourself back on your feet! 

We’re talking about misting fans. Fans are one thing, they come in all shapes and sizes and provide you with a nice breeze just about anywhere you please. That being said, if it’s incredibly humid, or just too hot, it feels like there’s nothing you can do to shake the heat. These things on the other hand, are perfect for cooling down in a moment’s notice, just about anywhere! In this review, we’ll break down some of the leading models to help you find the best outdoor misting fan! 

How Do Misting Fans Work? 

Essentially, they’re fans that shoot a mist of water using either a built in water source, or one provided by an external source. There’s also the prevalence of mist fan kits, some of which will make an appearance in our reviews as well! 

There are essentially a kit that comes with fan-shaped array of tubes with nozzles designed to spray a mist of water for the oscillating fan to blow outwards. 

And lastly, there’s purpose-built misting fans, both indoor and outdoor models that can either use their own built-in water source, or even a hose. We’ll look at the various models available, and some of the best in class so you can stay cool and make finding the perfect one a total breeze! 

What is the Best Outdoor Misting Fan? 

This is a unit that can keep you cool just about anywhere, and with little setup. The best misting fan for you depends on where you’re going to use it, and the volume of cool air you need to feel better outdoors this summer. If you want to cool down without having to jump into the pool, here’s our suggestions for the best misting fans! 

Depending on your comfort level with installation, these fans vary in design and purpose. Ultimately, they’re all made to help keep you cool. 

That being said, they aren’t always as simple to set up which is why we’ll provide you with reviews of models differing in complexity, operation, size and power. For patio parties in the beating hot sun, or just keeping cool by the grill, we’ve found the perfect misting fans to keep up the fun in the sun. 

With a very wide range of style, form and function available out there we thought it best to do a quick review of some of our favorites! Find the perfect misting fan, or outdoor misting fan kit with the perfect style to match your outdoor oasis. 

Dynamic Collections Fan with Misting Kit 

Deco Breeze Oscillating Outdoor Fan with Misting Kit, 3-Cooling Speed Misting Fan with High RPM, Adjustable and Portable Misting Fan, Antique Water Fan, 18 inches

This fan is chock full of features and comes in a lovely bronze finish that would look awesome on a cozy patio or deck! The 19” stand has a weighted base, making this a sturdy and suitable solution for patios that are prone to getting a little wind. 

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A simple garden-hose compatible valve system is responsible for providing water to the included misting jet kit. It’s incredibly easy to assemble, and the kit matches the fan base and blades well. This fan made our list for its awesome art-deco look, and easy to use misting kit! If you’ve got a hose, this fan will work well for your deck or patio area. 


  • Quick-connect garden hose attachment. 
  • Easy assembly. 
  • Sturdy stand. 


  • Cost comes more from the design than the functionality. 

Geek Aire Battery Operated Misting Fan

Geek Aire Portable Camping Fan with Lights, 20000mAh Detachable Rechargeable Battery Operated Fan, Battery Powered Outdoor Tent Fan with 4 Speeds & Hook, Personal Beach Fan for Camping Hiking

The Geek Aire lives up to its name with a keen focus on providing you with cool, powerful outdoor misting that just happens to be totally portable, too! 

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This fan features the ability to be powered by a detachable battery pack, or by a dedicated power cord. Also, its base makes it perfectly well suited to being placed on just about any outdoor surface.

The metal frame and adjustable fan casing will sit easily on uneven ground at the campsite, backyard, by the dock or on the patio! Low-profile rubberized feet keep it safely in place, so it won’t go tumbling over every time the dog runs by. 


  • Two options for power adding portability. 
  • Rubberized stand that’s perfect for all-terrain. 
  • Removable battery also functions as a power bank!


  • Won’t jive with your outdoor decor; it looks a bit industrial. 

OEMTOOLS Pedestal Outdoor Misting Fan 

OEMTOOLS 23978 20” Tilting Pedestal Misting Fan, Fan Misters for Cooling Outdoor Spaces, Outside Patio, Water Resistant, Black

This water-resistant outdoor misting fan probably fits the bill for what you imagined they came packaged as. Arranged in an upright-standing fan on a sturdy pedestal base, it’s capable of providing a strong, cool-misted breeze on decks, patios and any other relatively flat outdoor surface. If you’re looking for a candidate to stand on the grass, this one isn’t it! 

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It is, however, a powerful and efficient way to get some cool misty coverage over an outdoor space. It does so using a powerful 3-speed fan with excellent airflow for covering larger spaces. Plus, it acts as a powerful insect repellant; warding off mosquitos and flies by making the space uncomfortable for them to fly through. 



  • This fan has quite the unsightly weld mark at the neck just below the oscillating blade cage; it might be a deterrence for some. 

Lasko Misto Small Portable Misting Fan

Lasko Misto Outdoor Misting Blower Fan, Ideal for Sports, Camping, Decks & Patios, 3 Speeds, 15', Blue, 7054

If you’re looking for a misting fan you can really take with you on the go, this one probably tops the heap for form factor! 

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It’s practically hand-held, yet powerful enough to effectively cool at least two people before you’re getting the most out of it. If you’re looking for a totally assembly-free portable outdoor misting fan, this is the one you should probably be eyeing! 

A sturdy, wide base keeps this thing from toppling which makes it perfectly ideal for backyard picnics. The only drawback is the one thing that stops it from being absolutely portable, and that’s its lack of a water tank. You’ll still have to find yourself a hose to connect this thing to, but once you do you’re a lot cooler than you were before. 


  • Small enough to cool a sitting area without taking up too much space. 
  • 3-speed and 90 degrees of coverage pointing towards you and a couple of guests. 
  • Zero assembly required to get this thing up and running! 


  • Still requires a water hose connection, making it just shy of completely portable. 

Geek Aire Battery Operated Misting Fan

Geek Aire Battery Operated Misting Fan, Rechargeable Outdoor Floor Fan with 2.9 Gal Water Tank, Powered Waterproof Long-Lasting 15000mAh Battery Run for Patio, Camping Gear Accessories - 12 Inch

Now, for the ‘truly’ portable option. Geek Aire brings us another battery operated misting fan that is fully capable of cooling you and your cadre with effective misted air, wherever you choose to use it! 

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Both the power component and water supply allow for this outdoor misting fan to be brought without wherever you need a steady stream of cool air. Speaking of, you’ll get roughly 23 hours of uninterrupted airflow on one battery charge, and 2.9 gallons of water in the tank to mist the area as need be. 

For outdoor soccer practice in July, or even a family camping trip this fan can seriously come in handy on a sweltering day! The metal bracket that you’d carry it around in is more or less like a pressure washer setup, and it’s easy enough to take the top off to place this thing in the back trunk! 

The fan isn’t top-tier in terms of output by any means, but it’s still enough airflow to keep you and everyone else comfortable wherever the road takes you. 


  • Completely portable, featuring a water tank and removable battery. 
  • Can charge multiple batteries for extended use provided you have more water. 
  • Collapsible frame that also acts as a base. 


  • The base isn’t anything to write home about, and doesn’t perform particularly well on rough terrain. That being said, the water tank does well to act as a weight keeping it in place. 

The Best Outdoor Misting Fan

After looking at all of these models thoroughly, it’s safe to say that whichever one is best for your needs is heavily influenced by its respective use case. Although, I’d opt entirely for portability and practicality here. 

Even if it’s just for backyard use, I’d put my hands up and say the Geek Aire Battery-Operated Misting Fan is your best bet here! The reason being is simply because you can take advantage of the cool misting breeze anywhere you’ve got it setup. Whether that’s by the BBQ, or by the hammock on the other end of the yard. Thanks for checking out our reviews of the best outdoor misting fans!  

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