Best Patio Furniture for Windy Areas

Best Patio Furniture for Windy Areas

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Want to get the most out of your patio without getting blown away? So do we! That’s why we created this list of reviews for the best patio furniture for windy areas. Seriously, it’s starting to become a real problem. If you’ve ever witnessed a glass patio table leap off of the deck only to shatter against the banister, or watched a seating set go tumbling, these recommendations are for you! 

Choosing the Best Patio Furniture for Windy Areas 

You’d think it would be as easy as just going for heavier furniture sets, right? Close, but not quite! There’s a number of things to take into consideration before heading out to buy your first set of patio furniture, especially if you’re located somewhere that gets a lot of wind, or even one that’s prone to microbursts. 

The fact of the matter is that it’s you vs. the wind when it comes to having a nice and intact patio set. Let’s try and make your patio or deck just a little more comfortable this summer! 

How to Keep the Wind off of Your Deck

There’s a couple of methods you can pursue to prevent at least some of those gusty winds from sweeping away your furniture and decorations. 

  • Trellis, or other privacy fencing 
  • Do some landscaping and plant some privacy shrubs that are tall enough to reach your deck 
  • Consider where on the deck you’re placing more breakable pieces, and determine where the wind is coming from 
  • Consider the value of having a standalone gazebo in the yard for when things get too windy 

What Kind of Patio Furniture is Good for Windy Areas?

You want something that’s heavy, yes. But it also needs to be the type of furniture that can sustain a little knock here or there. We’re going to prioritize durability, and design that lends well to having a little bit of a knock or two. 

On the other hand, you also want patio furniture that’s inviting and of course comfortable. First we’ll break into a little bit of info you should know about before you buy, before we review some of the best patio furniture for windy areas! 

While it’s tough to say for sure, here’s a couple of fairly simple rules to follow when shopping for this type of furniture. 

  • Avoid lightweight furniture such as polypropylene deck chairs and patio sets. While they’re inexpensive and getting more durable and stylish year after year, they’re not really a good choice for someone who’s going toe to toe with the wind.
  • Consider using patio furniture weights. These come in all shapes and sizes, from handy fillable water weights, to round concrete weights you can place around things like umbrella bases and even chairs. These are super useful since they’re versatile enough to use anywhere on your patio. 
  • Stay away from patio furniture that incorporates a lot of glass. Oftentimes wicker sets and even metal ones can come with some cheeky glass tops or accents that you might not have even noticed before clicking ‘add to cart’. Trust me, I’ve been there! The reason you want to steer clear of these, of course is because they can shatter and cause a whole lot of damage.

Reviews for the Best Patio Furniture for Windy Areas

Best Choice Products Convertible Acacia Wood Patio Futon

Best Choice Products Outdoor Convertible Acacia Wood Futon Sofa Furniture for Patio, Balcony, Poolside, Backyard w/Pullout Tray, Removable Weather-Resistant Cushion & 4 Pillows - Navy Blue

This is a versatile piece of furniture that looks great among different styles that you might be going for in a patio set or deck arrangement. There’s a few clear upsides that this type of lounger will provide for those of us battling against windy conditions while still trying to get some sun in. 

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This is a super-comfortable and all around versatile piece of patio furniture that has a few features that will make it stand out when you factor in windy conditions. This acacia convertible wood futon is easy to assemble, and has a solid feel and decent weight. The upholstery consists of 4 extra thick pillows, and an equally plush cushion with points on either end to bend with the convertible sides of the futon. 

It has an impressive 350lb weight limit, and once the pillows are off (which takes no more than a minute, since they just sit on the futon), hardly any amount of wind will be able to move the structure of this thing. And that’s not because it’s all that heavy, but simply because it can pass through the wood spindles of the frame without having anything to give it ‘lift’. 


  • Frame won’t generate any lift in windy conditions 
  • Cushion and pillows as well as the frame are completely weatherproof 
  • Convertible to act as a lounger, bench, or patio sofa


  • Only sits about two people comfortably in the right position 

Lokatse Home 2 Piece Corner & Armless Outdoor Sofa

LOKATSE HOME 2 Piece Corner & Armless Sofa Outdoor Furniture Sectional Couch Set Patio Loveseat, 2Pcs, Khaki Cushions

Speaking of outdoor sofas, this model can be one or the other! It acts as a 2-piece loveseat that can seat two people with plenty of space. There’s four large cushions, as well as a pillow that just about covers the singular arm rest. It’s an interesting design, but one that gives you a bunch of different seating options for you and your guests. 

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The black coated alloy and vanilla white cushions are a savvy combination, and it’s hard to imagine much of a patio design or layout that these wouldn’t fit right in with. They can be modern, farmhouse, and even a little rustic; just about anything you really need to tie everything together.

They’re weather resistant right out of the box, and simply by removing the cushions the frame becomes virtually impossible for the wind to move on its own. 


  • 2-piece construction provides you with a series of different options 
  • Coated alloy construction gives absolutely no lift to any amount of wind 
  • Pillows are large enough to withstand some wind 


  • Pillows do not have tie downs

Grand Patio Outdoor Recliner

Grand patio Outdoor Recliner Moor Lay Flat Recliner with Flip Table Push Back Wicker Reclining Lounge Chair Flax

One really easy way to prevent the wind from messing up a good patio furniture setup is to reduce the number of small pieces of furniture you put out in the first place. It might sound a little silly, but there are many pieces of furniture that come with features that can solve this problem for you. 

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This heavy duty outdoor wicker recliner by Grand Patio does just that. It features an integrated side table that easily rises from the side of the wicker frame to give you a place to put a snack or drink. The recliner is large and heavy enough to withstand heavy wind, but by having its own built-in side table you don’t have to worry about a smaller piece of furniture being blown away. 


  • Weatherproof wicker and cushions 
  • Heavy enough to withstand the wind 
  • Integrated side table to cut down on extra furniture


  • Side table is relatively small 

Lokatse Home Outdoor Patio Swivel Chairs

LOKATSE HOME Patio Swivel Rocker Chairs Furniture Metal Outdoor Dining Chairs with Cushion Set of 2

Great for both dining and lounging chairs, these are the perfect metal patio chairs for your outdoor seating area! Trying to design a patio layout around heavy wind? These metal swivel rockers make that a pretty simple task. 

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This double set features a couple of outdoor rockers with a swivel action as well. They only have a single cushion which is tied down, so it’s already suitable for windy conditions. Easy to assemble, they’re a total breeze to set up right out of the box, too.

The backrest of these chairs features a lattice design with plenty of space for the wind to move through, so you won’t have to worry about these tipping over, either. 


  • Easy to assemble 
  • Made from heavy alloy with a wide base to prevent tipping 
  • Cushion comes with velcro ties 


  • Doesn’t feature a cushion for the backrest 
  • The armrests aren’t quite as comfortable as wider models 

Phi Villa Metal Patio Dining Table

PHI VILLA 60'' Outdoor Dining Table for 6, E-Coating Metal Patio Table with 1.57' Umbrella Hole, All-Weather Resistant Rectangular Table for Patio, Backyard, Garden

This table takes some inspiration from the traditional rectangular patio table and adds some new textures and style into the mix. This table is perfectly suitable for patios that get hit with a lot of wind for several reasons. 

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It doesn’t feature any glass components, instead featuring an attractive wood panel design on the top. Also, the bottom of the frame doesn’t feature any wide panels that wind can get under, so to speak. There’s also the standard umbrella support in the bottom, as well as a hole in the top. In that case, you’ll definitely want to invest in a good weight for your patio umbrella! 

The table itself is 60”x37”, and accommodates an umbrella with a 1.56” width. As expected, it’s made from a coated alloy which has anti-rust properties giving this piece a lot of longevity. 


  • The table is designed to stand up to wind with nothing for the wind to ‘gust’ under 
  • It features a non-breakable tabletop surface 
  • It’s completely weather resistant 
  • The metal components are stamped instead of welded, which increases the durability and doesn’t leave any unsightly connection points


  • The center of the table does not feature imitation wood, but instead a black metal section where the umbrella hole is which looks somewhat out of place. 

Best Patio Furniture for Windy Areas

Thanks for checking out these reviews of the best patio furniture for windy areas! Whether it’s that one troublesome spot on your deck that’s exposed to heavy winds, or you just can’t beat those gusts of wind, hopefully these reviews have pointed you in the right direction!

Choosing a “best” here is really subjective in the sense that it all depends on which type of furniture piece you’re looking for. Taking that into consideration, there are several things about the Lokatse Home chair set. Besides their heavy material weight, they’re also made with a design that allows for wind to pass through the chair back and base easily. Plus if they happen to fall over, you won’t have to worry too much about them being damaged.

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