Creative & Best Steel Fire Pits Out There

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These creative & best steel fire pits score high in our reviews for their unique cut-out designs that have the potential to add a tone of character to just about any outdoor space! Below you can find some of our favorite designs in steel fire pits that just so happen to be incredibly practical for throwing a bonfire on your deck, patio or yard! 

Finding the Creative & Best Steel Fire Pits Out There 

What do you look for in a steel fire pit? If the answer is design, or aesthetic, these ones we’ve rounded up might just make a good fit for your outdoor space. Sure there’s larger capacity, or even more portable fire pits, not to mention propane fire pits. These ones however, make for good small to medium sized gatherings outdoors. 

Is it Safe to Burn Wood in Coated Steel Fire Pits?

Not all fire pits are made to the same standard, but you can be sure that these ones in particular are well suited to the task at hand. 

The coating, or paint on the inside and outside of a fire pit can react differently to heat. When you’re looking at a fire pit’s materials, be sure to find ones that indicate some level of heat tolerance, or use a black powder coating for instance. Stainless steel that is coated properly stands up very well to heat, but conventional paints and sprays will chip easily and have the potential to release chemicals. 

All of the fire pits we’ve included in our reviews for the most creative & best steel fire pits are coated in a way that makes them completely fire safe and heat tolerant. 

Once you’ve got an idea for the design you’d like to use for your outdoor space, check out some of our reviews for the best creative steel fire pits below.  

Excellent Fab Corten Fire Pit Bucket 

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This quaint and cute little steel fire pit has a creative design that might resonate with those who get a kick out of gigantic EAT lettering in the kitchen, as well as unironic and ironic fans (alike) of Rae Dunn. This fire pit bucket proudly spells out its contents to you in the form of a last-cut “FIRE” on the front of it. 

At about 16” wide, it’s the perfect solution for a small steel fire pit that can occupy any other outdoor seating spaces you might want to add something extra to, such as a garden, dock or patio area. 

While the lettering and faux rust weathering is a fun touch, this seriously is a practical little burner that accommodates larger logs without needing to be sliced thin. The reason being is because it allows them to stand upright which actually makes it more efficient, like a classic campfire stack. 



  • A bit small, maybe ideal for 1-4 people and won’t keep you all that warm. (However, great for atmosphere and marshmallow roasting!) 

Plow & Hearth Timberline Wood-Burning Fire Pit

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This little steel fire pit from Plow & Hearth comes in a stylish black alloy and features a really pleasant woodlands scene on the design around the mesh center of the piece. There are also a few other features about this pit that make it a really neat addition to any one of your outdoor spaces! 

It stands on three post legs, and also features a neat ‘shin-saver’ of a ring that runs along the outside of the fire pit to help keep you from brushing up against the base of this thing while it’s in use. (It also makes it easier to move about!) 

It comes with a grill surface that’s fully removable, as well as a mesh spark screen which makes it a great all-in-one fire pit for cooking, relaxing on the patio and enjoying a summer’s evening by the fire. 


  • Fun woodland design on the outside of the inner mesh screen that comes to life when you light it. 
  • Included spark screen and cooking grill top. 


  • Lots of overlapping lattice and designs could give way to rust if left out in the rain frequently. 

Amagabeli 24” Fire Pit W/ Lone Star Motif Design 


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This heavy-duty steel fire pit by Amagabeli features a really unique farmhouse lone star design pattern outside of the mesh of the fire bowl. It adds a nice rustic touch, thanks in help to the weathered bronze finish which has the added benefit of warding off rust! 

It comes with a flat steel four-legged base that raises it off the ground and keeps it incredibly stable while in use. You’ll also find it comes with a matching fire wood poker as well as a large pyramid-shaped steel ember spark screen. 

As the sun sets, the dancing flames outline the 5-pointed star designs beautifully bringing this fire pit to life in the night. Its larger size makes it perfectly idea for larger gatherings, too. I was also happy to find out that the base makes it really well suited for use on a wood deck or patio, keeping the heat off of the deck surface and allowing for adequate airflow. 


  • Unique lone star design that fits well with outdoor farmhouse decor. 
  • Included fire poker and ember spark screen.


  • Lacks any handles for moving the fire pit. 

OXG 23” Round Steel Deer Design Fire Pit 

round deer design fire pit with 23 inch diameter

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Requiring absolutely no assembly, this small fire pit packs a lot of build quality and pleasing design into one package! It consists of a black powder coated fire pit bowl about 23” in diameter. 

The coating is completely heat safe, with a high-temp tolerance that resists rusting over time, and won’t chip away when exposed to flames. If longevity is a concern for you when you buy outdoor pieces like this, you’re on the right track with this fire pit. 

Holes in the base allow for rain to drain out easily so sitting water doesn’t cause rusting or wear. Ashes can also be emptied using this design feature. It also comes in one piece of stainless steel, so you don’t need to assemble it at all. The sides don’t feature any mesh, (so watch the embers, this isn’t suitable for patios or decks!) 

The design on the side is what really takes the cake, though. It comes in a wooded carving featuring trees, deer and bushes. When lit, it makes a really relaxing dancing flame. 


  • Base allows for drainage of water and ashes easily. 
  • One piece of heat-resistant powder coating. 


  • Sides don’t have a mesh grate, the same is true for the top. You won’t be able to use this on wood surfaces, or patios since the embers are free to fly out of the top and sides of the fire pit. Grass, dirt or sand surface use only. 

Sunnydaze Cosmic Outdoor Fire Pit 

cosmic outdoor fire pit

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This firepit by Sunnydaze is 30” in diameter and includes a spark screen. It comes in an eyecatching celestial ‘cosmic’ design, featuring laser cut stars and moon motifs along the sides of the fire bowl portion. 

All in all this is a fairly simplistic fire pit with three legs for support, and top rail to keep distracted feet and shins away from the heat of the base, and even an included spark screen to keep embers off of your deck. The mesh screen portion is visible through the cut out designs, so even though it appears hollow in some parts where you can see the stars, you don’t have to worry about errant embers making their way onto your wood deck. 

It also has a faux weathering/rust effect that allows it to easily blend in to just about any outdoor decor style you’re going for! 


  • Attractive starry night cut-out design on the side covered by a protective steel mesh. 
  • Capable of being used on wood decks, patios and other surfaces. 


  • Mesh screen is prone to bending since it’s on the thinner side. 

Conclusions: Creative & Best Steel Fire Pits Out There

It’s hard to come out of this one with a ‘best’ in mind. Each of them has their own unique creative qualities, be it clever cut outs that let the flames dance across your yard and light up the night sky, or some other useful features too. 

Keep in mind while you’re considering a steel fire pit, you’re going to need to find one that fits with your lifestyle. (By that I mean your summer plans this year!)

Taking it to the cottage? Check out a portable fire pit. Placing it on the deck or patio? You’ll need a fire pit that’s safe for wood decks. No matter what you end up with, make sure it’s something you and all of your peeps can sit around comfortably, too!

Have any experience with creative or customized steel fire pit rings? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below with some of your favorites, or what to look out for when shopping for fire pit rings out there!