Best Stone Fire Pit Reviews

If natural elements are your thing, look no further! These best stone fire pit reviews are our way of adding some more natural-looking options to consider when designing the perfect outdoor lounging space on your deck or patio. We’ve reviewed plenty of wood burning fire pits, as well as propane and stainless steel models. Here, you’ll find the best of the best when it comes to stone lookalike or ‘stone-effect’ fire pits. 

Our Best Stone Fire Pit Reviews 

Explore the best stone fire pits, including stone-effect outdoor décor pieces that double as warming fire bowls that are safe for use on wood surfaces like your deck or patio! 

What’s the Best Way to Get a Real Stone Fire Pit? 

For those of us with spacious backyard greenspace and a natural backing, it’s easy enough to create a natural or authentic stone fire pit that you can use without much fuss by just gathering up the right type of rocks. 

For everyone else though, getting that natural stone look isn’t quite so easy, or even possible in the first place! For that reason, we’ve put together a list of reviews for the best stone fire pits that won’t break the bank. Also, they’re perfectly suitable for smaller outdoor spaces, and even smaller patios and some balconies. 

Stone Fire Pit for Wood Decks 

The purpose of these stone lookalike fire pits are to be used on wooden surfaces, or those with heavy finish or stain that you don’t want to ruin with a traditional fire pit. Needless to say, a real stone fire pit like the ones you might find at the cabin won’t do the trick. 

You can’t stack stone onto your patio and just hope for the best! These stone fire pits all come with either lava rocks, stainless steel or concrete fire bowls that keep the heat and the sparks away from your precious wood surfaces. Not to mention flying embers which are quelled by their stainless steel mesh covers that are made to fit the exact diameter of the fire bowl. 

Check out our best stone fire pit reviews below for some inspiration on how to add a natural yet practical stone element to your patio or deck! 

Best Stone Table Fire Pit

Fire Sense Stone Square Fire Pit 

This fire pit is 23” wide and made from a sleek looking black powder-coated steel. Its square shape and deep ledge is perfect for use as a table for you and your guests to enjoy in the evening! If your deck or patio has a serious lack of space for things like drinks and small appetizers, this could be a lifesaver. 

The ‘stone’ look here comes from the table portion of this fire pit itself. It’s a stone tile effect, made to look like a stone inspired pattern that adds a nice natural element. There’s something to be said for the design of the table, too. It’s low, but still stands off of the patio pretty tall. 

In other words, you don’t have to worry about using a fire pit mat for this model, since it has four legs that keep the base of the fire pit off of the ground. Included you’ll find a steel mesh dome, which like the fire pit comes with a heat proof coating.  

Best Natural Looking Stone Fire Pit

Peaktop Round 40,000 BTU Propane Fire Pit 

Perfect for backyards, patios and decks alike, this stone-effect fire pit adds a generous amount of style to your outdoor spaces with a safe and economical alternative to wood-burning alternatives. 

If you’re a propane nut, this one’s for you! We love the natural looking stone effect on the top and sides of this fire pit, further enhanced by lava rock and a stone-looking bowl in the center. It’s 28” in diameter, so it doesn’t take up too much space but you can still fit a few guests around it. 

There’s gas controls on the outside which admittedly could be better hidden, but make them easy to find and operate throughout the night. Why go propane? Simple, there’s no sparks and no mess. Plus, you don’t have to worry about excess heat caused by embers and burning logs. 

Best Stone Fire Pit for Charcoal 

Peaktop Concrete Stone Effect Round Charcoal Fire Pit 

This concrete fire pit does an excellent job of evoking that excellent stone-finish look! It’s 27” in diameter, and it stands 23” tall. It features an included spark screen, which makes it perfect for burning firewood as well should you need to change up your fuel source. 

So, what makes it perfect for charcoal? It comes with a BBQ grill grate that you can place cooking pans on top of. Foil, or a BBQ cooking tray would be perfect for cooking out on the open charcoal. This is ideal for smaller outdoor spaces since it can double as a charcoal BBQ grill as well as a firepit depending on what you’ve got planned for the night! 

There is a small ridge on the upper edge of this firepit so you could find a round grill grate if you wanted something more substantial. While effective, the small grate doesn’t work well as a cook surface out of the box. Another solution would be to use a large square grate overtop of the whole thing, which would also do the trick! 

Best Cast Stone Fire Pit 

Sun Joe 35” Cast Stone Base Wood Burning Fire Pit 

This is a cast stone fire pit, meaning that it’s a stone-deco surface created by something like concrete that’s designed to give it a more rustic and natural look. It comes with an included poker and ember spit screen that prevents hot coals from making their way onto your wood deck or patio. 

The base on the inside however is completely stainless steel, which works great in terms of its overall longevity and durability. It’s 35” in diameter, making it perfect for seating lots of guests around on a chilly summer’s night, too! 

Besides the included extras, the value is in with this fire pit’s design, too. It comes with convenient carrying handles that double as cooling vents for the stainless steel fire bowl, preventing it from warping or discoloration any deck surface underneath. 

Best Concrete Fire Pit 

Teamson MGO Light Concrete Round Wood Burning Fire Pit 

If minimalism, or modern design is your cup of tea you’re going to seriously want to consider this retro looking fire pit! It comes in a nice understanded dusted concrete that looks a lot like a light stone color. 

This is probably as close to ‘authentic’ stone as it comes in terms of look, weight and texture. It burns wood fuel, and comes with a handy cooking grate that you can place cookware on top of! Besides that, it comes with a specialized spark screen that matches the shape of the fire pit and adds an element of safety to it for use on a wood deck. 

The material resists cracking, and its weight makes it perfect for windy conditions. Great for small spaces, but lots of guests looking for a warm fire to enjoy on a summer’s evening. 

Conclusions: Best Stone Fire Pit Reviews

Each of these stone-effect fire pits provide a warm and comfortable atmosphere for your patio in the summertime, especially when the sun starts to set. And, they all produce a wonderful dancing flame for your and your guests to enjoy over drinks or treats.