The Best Outdoor Baby Swing for Backyard Play

As a parent, I know how much babies and toddlers love playing outside on the swings. But when they’re too young for a standard swing, the only option is to install a baby-safe version. Here’s our pick for the best outdoor baby swing for your backyard.

How to Choose an Outdoor Baby Swing

Most of these swings are designed to be used on an existing frame. If you already have a swingset because there are older kids in your family or you’ve picked one up for baby already, most of these baby swings can be attached to it easily.

Another option is to build your own DIY frame for a baby swing. Just make sure it’s sturdy to prevent injuries!

Additional hardware might be needed to mount a new swing on your existing frame, so make sure you check out the details to save yourself a trip to the hardware store due to missing connectors. 

What Ages are Outdoor Baby Swings for?

These swings are all built for babies and toddlers. Babies shouldn’t be put into a swing before they can hold their head up well and sit up. This can happen as young as 6 months old, but can vary since each child develops at a different pace. 

Some of the manufacturers of these swings specify different ages, like 9 months up, so make sure you’re checking the directions before use.

At the other end, max ages and weights can vary. Some swings adapt for toddler use and can be used up to age 6 with the crotch piece removed. Others are just for babies, which are typically outgrown around age 3.

The usual rule of thumb is a max weight of 50lbs, but this too can vary.

Why Should I Get a Baby Swing for my Child?

If you want a backyard swing for a baby then you have to buy one that’s designed with infants in mind. Regular swings aren’t safe for babies; and neither are other swing styles like tire swings or the disc shaped ones.

A baby swing is specifically designed to support an infant while they swing. The crotch piece is sized so that your baby will be unable to slip through the bottom and fall out.

There is also a seat that supports your child, and encloses around them so, again, they’re not likely to fall from the swing. 

Since falls can be very dangerous for babies a safe swing is an absolute must.

Are Toddler Swings Worth it?

Once children outgrow the baby swing they typically move onto regular swings. But many of these outdoor baby swing options actually have a toddler-version as well.

Usually it means removing the crotch piece and having your toddler sit in the swing, but some actually fit toddlers without removing it too. 

I find that when kids outgrow the baby swings at the park they’re still not quite ready for a “big kid” swing. Falling backwards is always a concern; keeping your toddler supported in a baby or toddler swing for as long as possible will reduce the chances of them falling.

Plus they can have more fun playing without the stress of trying to balance! 

Best Outdoor Baby Swing Options

Best on a Budget – Little Tikes 2-in-1 Snug ‘n Secure Swing

little tikes budget friendly patio outdoor baby and toddler swing

If you want a sturdy, all around, budget friendly baby swing look no further than Little Tykes. They seem to hold up forever and will grow with your child to accommodate kids up to 4 years old and 50lbs.

What I really like about this swing is that you can completely remove the straps for older toddlers. It’s a good “trainer” swing to teach 3 and 4 year olds to hang on but without fear of them falling backwards off the swing.


  • Sturdy and made to be left outside
  • Easy to clean
  • T harness is removable
  • Goes from 6months to 4 years and up to 50lbs


  • Might be too roomy for smaller babies, especially 6-12 month olds that are on the smaller side
  • Straps can be hard to unbuckle (but this does make it safer)
  • Ropes to attach it to the frame may not be long enough, especially if you’re planning on hooking it up to a tree or other unconventional structure

Best Canvas Swing – Monkey & Mouse Baby Swing Seat

best canvas swing for baby - monkey and mouse baby swing seat

If you’re looking for a baby swing that doesn’t look like a plastic eyesore, this one’s a great option. Made of wood and canvas, it adds a more natural feel to your backyard. Great if you’re building a nature playground for your child! 

Just keep in mind that because it’s made from canvas it won’t be as hard as plastic swings. This swing is meant to be used outdoors only temporarily, so you should bring it in between use or set it up somewhere that’s out of the elements.


  • Great aesthetically pleasing option
  • Made of canvas and wood instead of plastic
  • Holds kids 6 months to 4 years old
  • Supports up to 110lbs
  • Fabric is machine washable


  • Only meant to be used outside temporarily; can’t be left out all year/in all weather
  • Wood and fabric are not treated so it will not hold up to inclement weather or direct sunlight
  • Only has a waist buckle rather than a 5 point harness

Best Playground Style Baby Swing – Full Bucket Toddler Swing

playground baby bucket swing

If you want a baby swing that’s similar to the kind you’d find at the public park, this is it. There’s nothing fancy going on here, just a baby-friendly seat that is designed to prevent your child from falling.

Since there’s no straps you just set your toddler inside and get right to playing, which of course can be good or bad depending on what type of safety features you’re interested in. One thing I really like about this swing is that it uses chains to secure it. They’re not only sturdy; it will be easy to adjust to the right height.


  • Easy to set up
  • No messing with straps, just put your baby in and go
  • Supports weights of up to 150lbs


  • No strap to secure baby in the seat
  • Might not be a good option for younger babies if they need more support
  • Swing supports a high weight but seat might be too small for bigger kids

Best Egg-Style Baby and Toddler Swing – Swurfer Coconut 

egg style baby and toddler swing

This swing is just too cute not to include. You can pick your choice of colour, which is great because you’ll have this in your backyard for a long time. It supports kids starting at 8 months old and goes up to 50lbs, which means your older toddler and even preschooler will probably use it even once they outgrow the strap.

Another thing I love about this swing is that it’s designed to be hung on a variety of supports, including trees. Great for building your own custom playground!


  • Nicely designed swing that balances style and safety
  • 5 point fabric harness keeps kids safe without being too constricting
  • Does a good job of accommodating kids of varying sizes and shapes
  • For kids 9 months and up to 50lbs


  • Attachments for other structures, like trees, need to be purchased separately
  • Ropes might not be long enough
  • Higher starting age than a lot of other swings which means you’ll have to wait before putting baby in this one

Best Freestanding Outdoor Baby Swing- FUNLIO 3-in-1 Swing Set for Toddler

freestanding outdoor baby swing

If you just want a baby swing without the fuss of installing it on a tree, beam, or existing swing set then something like this might be a better option for you. The stand is included with the swing and it can be set up anywhere after assembly.

The biggest worry with these metal swing sets is that they sometimes tip. If you remember being a kid and playing on them you know what I mean! Thankfully this set does include sandbags to help keep it secure. 


  • Great freestanding swing option that can be set up anywhere
  • Folds up and can be stored when not in use
  • Parts of the seat can be removed to accommodate both toddlers and older children, respectively
  • Weight limit goes as high as 200lbs, although you may want to secure it permanently if you’re using it with older kids


  • Requires assembly
  • Seat doesn’t feel very high quality and may not hold up to repeated long term use
  • Sand bags need to be filled

Best Overall Outdoor Baby Swing – Step 2 Infant to Toddler Swing

step 2 infant to toddler swing for outdoor play

If you’re a parent then you know you just can’t beat the quality and longevity of Step 2 brand’s outdoor gear. Almost anything I’ve purchased over the years from them has held up to repeated use, all 4 seasons (including cold snowy winters), and suffered minimal fading all things considered.

This swing is no exception. You can mount it on almost any backyard swing set or somewhere else in your yard and have something that your child can use for years. Smaller babies don’t shift around too much and bigger toddlers (up to 50lbs) can fit in it too. Unlike many other toddler swings, this one actually fits those bigger kids comfortably – great if you have a bigger baby on your hands! 


  • Made of high quality materials 
  • Works for babies 6 months up to 50lbs and fits most ages in that range comfortably
  • Shoulder straps add an extra layer of safety so kids can’t fall out
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • T panel can be removed for older toddlers and preschoolers


  • Buckles are a bit hard to release (safety feature)
  • Levelling it can be a bit of a pain
  • Bit of a plastic eyesore, if that matters to you

Best Outdoor Baby Swing – Conclusion

As you can see, the Step 2 swing is the best overall outdoor baby swing. We picked it because of the quality, longevity, and the fact that it will comfortably support babies and toddlers of a variety of shapes and sizes. No uncomfortable tots in this swing!

But all of these baby swings are great options for your little one. They’re each high quality in their own way, and most importantly, we made sure they all had great safety features and were properly manufactured to keep your little one safe. 


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