Best Folding Picnic Table

Folding patio furniture is a great thing to keep on hand, especially if you love to enjoy the outdoors when you’re out and about. Here we’ll explore a selection of picnic benches and tables you can pick up with you and go, and it’s a lot easier than you might think to pack them up! Besides that, they’re a sturdy and much more comfortable option for glamping, or even just a good old picnic just about anywhere you’d like. This is a review of the best folding picnic tables for you to enjoy with your friends and family this summer. 

What is the Best Folding Picnic Table?

Picnic tables are great for relaxing in both public and private outdoor spaces, especially when you’re camping, or just taking a rest in a park or on the trail. I’m probably not alone in saying that some of my best memories were made around these things as a kid out on family trips. The bologna sandwiches, not so much. At any rate, you can recreate those memories with your friends, or with kids of your own thanks to the portability and affordable nature of models available today. Back in the day people either bought or built wooden picnic tables on their own. The main drawback to these however, is that they’re tedious to construct, and completely static wherever you decide to place it. 

Thankfully, there’s a much more convenient approach. And this one involves being able to take your picnic table with you wherever you want, even folding up so neatly that you could stow it in your car, van, truck or camper! We’ll talk a little more about these before jumping into some product reviews for some of the sturdiest and most popular models of folding picnic tables you can find. 

Why Should you Have a Folding Picnic Table? 

If eating outdoors without all of the fuss of ants, blankets and trays doesn’t sound appealing to you, then I don’t know what does! For those of us who like to enjoy the outdoors away from our patio tables on occasion, these provide an excellent way to spread out for a picnic without actually having to roll out a blanket and a bunch of plates. Having a folding picnic table eliminates the need for everything to have its own tray, so when all is said and done, all you’ll need is a folding table, and a cooler! Take a look at some of the models below to see how the stack up, and which one might be the best fit for your camping supplies, picnic setup or glamping packing list. 

The Best Folding Picnic Tables Reviewed 

The Easiest Picnic Table to Clean 

Stoncel Aluminum Portable Picnic Table 

The best folding picnic tables easiest to clean

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Besides being the easiest to clean, this model of folding picnic table is also the lightest! It’s made from a waterproof, wear-resistant aluminum alloy. This makes it both durable, and easy to carry around! Personally, I love this picnic bench for a quick meal on the campsite or trail, or for kids. While sturdy, the seats are relatively small compared to other models available, but it is nonetheless able to support adults easily. 

If you do plan on having kids use it, though, you’ll be surprised to see just how easily it wipes clean! Anyone with kids knows that there’s no bounds to where ketchup-laden hands tend to find themselves. Luckily every component of the legs, seat, and table top come clean with very little effort. Since the last thing you want is a colony of ants to take interest in your table, it’s especially helpful to be able to spot all of the bits and pieces of leftover food on the table as you go. 

Best Folding Picnic Tables for a Group 

Office Star Resin 3-piece Folding Picnic Bench Set 

Folding table to sear multiple people

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If this resin folding picnic bench and table set doesn’t look familiar, you might want to adjust your monitor. That’s right, it’s pretty much the standard folding table-turned picnic bench! To many of us, these familiar, lightweight tables are a staple for everything from craft shows to must-haves for a large family gettogether! The iconic folding table design makes a comeback with this sturdy and reliable picnic table and bench set that’s perfect for a group of people, or a family! 

Looking at a set like this I can easily picture my kids and I sitting around this set, especially thanks to the fact that it’s incredibly sturdy, and has a nice sized bench for everyone to fit on comfortably. The table itself is 6 feet long, which is more than enough prep/eating space for campers and BBQ enthusiasts alike! If you’re throwing a pool party or other backyard bash where your patio furniture either isn’t adequate for eating at, or just isn’t enough seating, this bench provides an ideal surface. 

Best Folding Picnic Table for Two

Simple Setup All-Purpose Folding Picnic Table for 2

Best folding picnic table for couples

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With glamping and boujee picnics reeling in the Instagram likes like crazy lately, I thought you might want to look at a small but elegant folding picnic table that’s made perfectly for two. The Short Table emulates the look and feel of a traditional wooden slatted picnic table without all of the bulk, and the ability to bring it anywhere you’d like! To give you a better idea of the scale of this little beauty, it’s roughly 10” off the ground when open, and 20” across, with a depth of about 18.5”. 

In other words, it makes planning the perfect outdoor picnic, or charcuterie for two a lot easier than before! If you want to forego the blankets and ants, (and really, who can blame you?) This small picnic table is exactly the right sidekick for your meal. Once folded up, this wood slat picnic table is easy enough to carry under your arm, and provides just enough space for two plus your drinks!. 

The Best Foldable Picnic Table for Camping 

ONIVA Portable Folding Picnic Table 

Best portable picnic table for camping

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This four seater picnic table is perfect for getting everyone around the table during a camping trip! How did it make our list? Several reasons! The aluminum frame construction is strong enough to support 4 family members, or friends. And, it’s compact enough to fold up and take with you on the go! Since it folds up so neatly, you’ll have no trouble fitting this guy in the back of the family van, or even the camper. It’s small size also makes it a really decent alternative for kids, if you’d prefer to set them up with their own table. 

The top of the table can support a whopping 20lbs too, so rest assured you won’t have to worry about it collapsing under the weight of whatever you choose to serve up! We also love the optional hole in the center that easily supports a small parasol or umbrella, to help keep you out of the heat when you’re camping, tailgating or just enjoying a nice picnic wherever you’d like! 

The Best Wooden Folding Picnic Table for 4 

Outsunny Portable Folding Picnic Table 

This picnic table fuses old with new, for a modern twist on classic picnic table design that’s both nostalgic, and totally functional! This 4 seater supports 220lbs per seat, and has a sturdy enough construction to make you feel confident that it’s going to be enough to stand up to your family or friends group. Not only does this table comfortably sit four, but hte tabletop itself has enough space for your place settings and condiments! Using it for snacks, this makes for the perfect snack station on the campsite, too! 

I love the rustic picnic bench look you can get with a bench like this. The only difference? Unlike the beloved picnic tables of our childhood, this one folds up small enough to fit in the back of your car with ease! It’s also not terribly heavy, and locks up right so it won’t hurt your fingers in the process. 

Thanks for checking out these reviews for the best folding picnic tables out there! We’ve put these selections together with couples, family and friends in mind, which is exactly who’ll be using them. Are they all Pinterest-perfect picks? Absolutely not. But they’re rugged, practical and easy to use on any of your outings where you’d like some table space, and somewhere to sit! Thanks for dropping by, and if there’s anything else you’d like us to know, drop a comment down below!