Best Outdoor Pet Gate

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The best outdoor pet gate is one that’s going to keep your beloved small pets safely away from deck or patio steps. It doesn’t have to be as complicated of an install, or expensive as a purchase as you might think, either! Join us while we dive into some product reviews for some of the most popular outdoor pet gate options that are out there.

What is the Best Outdoor Pet Gate?

Here we’ll go into some detailed reviews for some of the top models of outdoor pet gates! First however, let’s get into some things you should know before you buy your first pet gate.

What’s the Right Pet Gate for my Dog?

Of course the answer is going to be somewhat different for every pet owner. That being said, you can more or less break these gates down into a couple of distinct categories. There’s outdoor pet gates that are good for large dogs, and ones that work for both large and small dogs.

If you’ve got a mix of breeds, you’re probably just going to just want to consider a gate that’s going to work well with your dog’s overall size.

You should also consider their demeanor. If they’re prone to jumping and try to challenge gates or doors regularly, you’ll want something more substantial than just a small gate despite how well reviewed it may be.

Pylex Sliding Outdoor Pet Gate

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This gate is a more ‘premium’ outdoor solution to keeping dogs as well as curious babies safely on the deck or patio where they belong. This gate easily slides thanks to an easy-access latch system on the other side which provides a smooth opening and closing capability.

It’s components outside of the wood bits are all powder-coated specifically for outdoor use. This helps you avoid rust and degradation of the materials over time when up against rain and of course snow and frost.

It’s easy enough to install, since it has its own set of rollers on the bottom so it ‘racks’ into place once you’ve got it set up.


  • Simple, yet effective latch system on the other side makes it easy for adults and older kids to open easily
  • Installs with incredible ease since it uses its own smooth casters for support and for the opening and closing mechanism
  • Bars are placed close together for extra safety


  • You’ll have to make sure the wheels won’t align with a seam in your deck boards otherwise this gate won’t work well

Hoovy Freestanding Metal Pet Gate For Outdoors

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If you’re worried about having to install a pet gate in order to keep your little furry friend safe on your deck or patio don’t sweat it, we’ve got you covered!

This outdoor pet gate is purpose-made for being used outdoors. It’s folding, so you can customize it to the exact shape and size of the opening you’re trying to keep your pet away from. And as someone who’s owned dogs, I’ve got to say that something like this is perfect for keeping dogs away from a patio heater, chiminea, or even BBQ while it’s in use.

It’s incredibly lightweight, which is perfect for carrying exactly where you need it too! There’s no need to assemble any part of it, and it even has a subtle classy design as opposed to the standard bars.


  • Metal leaf motifs disguise this as a pet gate as opposed to traditional bars
  • This gate folds up and is fairly lightweight which is perfect for carrying with you
  • No assembly or installation required


  • Not recommended for large dogs by the manufacturer

Etna Freestanding Wood Pet Gate

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This is the second portable pet gate option for outdoors we’ll be exploring for these reviews. It comes in a wood design featuring small hinges to make a sort of portable folding panel that keeps smaller dogs away from deck stairs or openings.

It can be used inside or outdoors well, and measures about 47.5 inches wide when open, as well as 19” tall. This gate is just as easy to set up as it is to take out of the box, giving you a no-fuss solution to keeping your pet on the deck.

Keep in mind this is only a trifold panel than opens in one direction. As long as that’s alright for your setup, you’ll find that its weight is enough to keep it firmly in place should a small down gently jump against it.


  • Sturdy pet gate with decent weight to keep it firmly in place
  • Hinged folding design allows it to customize to the size of your opening
  • Short enough for small dogs, and for people to step over


  • Can only fold in one direction

Cardinal Gates Outdoor Safety Gate

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29.5” tall, this safety gate works for almost all dog breeds. It’s specifically designed for being installed outdoors, with total weatherproofing all the way around

For keeping your four-friends from going somewhere they’re not supposed to, this gate is a simple solution. The hinge is incredibly easy to install out of the box, requiring minimal hardware and tools. Thanks to the weatherproofing it won’t rust on you, so you can rely on this for a more permanent fixture.

The small latch leaves a bit to be desired, but thanks to the vertical bars your dog won’t have much to push on either way. This pet gate is compatible with patios, decks and any other outdoor space with railings you’d like to keep your pet from visiting.


  • Easy to install anywhere on an outdoor railing or entranceway
  • Comes out of the box with long lasting weatherproofing
  • Adjustable to fit the exact size of the outdoor passageway


  • The small latch leaves something to be desired, could feel flimsy at times

Perma Child Safety Outdoor Retractable Baby Gate

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This is an incredibly high-rated child gate that may very well be the trick from bigger dogs. This is the rare instance where I’d recommend a large gate for larger dogs, but not smaller ones. Here’s why:

This gate is incredibly easy to use. It’s a wide see-through gate that prevents dogs (and babies, for that matter) from passing via a pullout material sheet. For medium to large sized breed dogs, this is perfect since they won’t be able to scale it or pass. For small dogs however, it may give them just enough ‘give’ at the bottom to squeeze through if they’re determined enough.

That being said, it likely works well for most breeds. The action on this gate is extremely smooth, and cuts out the worry of mechanical failure like some wooden or metal gates with flimsy latching mechanisms.


  • Smooth rolling action makes this a long-lasting and easy to use gate
  • Soft mesh is see-through so dogs won’t feel anxious if their vision is blocked (hopefully will mitigate jumping)
  • Great price for value compared to other models


  • Soft mesh material may allow a small dog or mini breed to squeeze through the middle if it’s closed over a wide threshold

Conclusion: Reviewing the Best Outdoor Pet Gate

Overall, taking value and functionality both into consideration I’d have to say that the best outdoor pet gate I’ve reviewed is the Cardinal Outdoor Gates model. It’s a good overall pick, since it can be fastened right onto a threshold opening, stairs or entranceway and extend to meet the other side easily

All-around it’s well made for outdoor use, with superior weather-proof coating and quite a bit of durability as well. If you’re looking for peace of mind in your outdoor pet gate, this is a great choice!