Best Outdoor Rocking Chairs

Sit back, and relax with some of the best outdoor rocking chairs. As you may have guessed, we’re going to dive into the world of porch, patio and deck rockers for you to get the most out of crisp summer mornings with your cup of joe, or relaxing evenings by the fire pit. Rocking chairs can be the envy of many, especially once you sit in one for the first time. For good reason, too! These chairs are incredibly comfortable from an ergonomic perspective, and the gentle rocking motion is a great way to kick back and relax. (Just ask anyone who’s used one!) Before we break into our reviews for the best rocking chairs, we’re going to talk a little bit about what goes into a good one. Check out our reviews and helpful buyer’s information about the ebay outdoor rocking chairs before making your first purchase! 

What is the Best Outdoor Rocking Chair Out There?

Much like anything else, there’s a little more for you to consider than you may have first thought. For instance, weight tolerance is an important factor in any chair, but very much so in one with a dynamic range of motion like this one. It has to support the user’s weight adequately while in motion, and when supporting them in either standing up or sitting down. 

On top of that is weather resistance. You wouldn’t want to buy what you thought was a rocking chair capable of being used outside, only to find the finish bubbling off, and being soaked by the weather. There’s a number of differences between classic living room rockers and those you might want to put on your deck or patio. For instance, a rocker that isn’t properly suited for outdoor use might find itself slipping on a wet deck, or otherwise not dry as quickly from the morning dew. Other models that are built for outdoors aren’t always made to stay out, either. Foldable and highly portable camping rocking chairs are readily available as alternatives for use on uneven ground, as well as decks and patios. 

Choosing an Outdoor Rocking Chair to Suit Your Needs 

Here’s what you need to take into consideration. How often will you be using your chair, and what kind do you want for your guests? What’s the weather like there, and what kind of surface will it be going on? Quite frankly, there’s no better way to put i titan to just come right out and say that not all outdoor rocking chairs are well made for the purpose of using on solid ground. They might find good use on a porch, patio or deck, but they absolutely do not fare well on a slightly uneven patch of grass, campsite or anywhere else for that matter. Below we’ll compare some of our favorite models of outdoor rocking chairs, with a mix of collapsible and more permanent deck pieces to give you a good idea of what you can expect to find. 

GCI Outdoor Freestyle Portable Folding Rocking Chair 

Best Outdoor Rocking Chairs GCI freestyle portable rocking chair for comfort out on the trail

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The GCI is a great example of a sturdy, and incredibly reliable portable camping chair. This one comes in a variety of colors, albeit ones that look best on the trail, campsite or backwoods. While it’s not the most disparaging feature, you’re not picking this one up for looks. In all seriousness, the addition of a cup holder, as well as an entirely collapsible frame makes this a decent contender for our list. The only other complaint you might hear from reviewers like myself is the sub-par armrests, but aside from that this chair truly is a comfortable one. The x-frame is incredibly easy to set up, and it gives you a certain type of stability and strength when you’re rocking that feels great, especially for bigger guys like myself. A patented spring action rocking piece allows for smooth motion, and makes you feel incredibly stable. It supports up to 250 lbs comfortably, and features a carrying handle for when it’s being carried about. 

Greesum 3 Piece Rocking Wicker Bistro Set 

3 piece rocking chair bistro set made of wicker

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Hang on to your hats! This is a 3 piece that’s really going to fit the bill if you want to rock the days away with a loved one, or close friend! Seriously, we love the overall design, look and feel of these wicker-style conversation piece rocking chairs. Rest assured, the stylish little drink and snack table doesn’t rock, as well. Here’s where they’re going to get the most love: the porch, patio, poolside or on the deck. That being said, the legs, (ski’s?) of these rockers operate best over a nice outdoor rug, especially if you don’t want that little ‘bump’ every time you run over a deck board, or a patch of slightly uneven concrete. They come with wonderful blue removable cushions, and provide excellent comfort for you plus one! Oh by the way, reviewers love the anti-skid padding on the bottom of the chair which keeps you from rocking away! 

Timber Ridge Foldable Rocking Chair 

Folding Timber Ridge chair that can rock

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This is a high back model of rocking chair that just might be the best go-between for a chain that works well on the deck, and on the campsite! What’s important about it being a high-back? It means you can really ‘lean into’ this chair, without feeling like you’re going to meet your maker if you slip too far backwards. The mesh design is slightly cushioned, providing a sense of comfort as well. This chair is heavy-duty, too! With a 300lb weight tolerance, it’s a rugged chair to fit just about anyone. Much like other types of camping chairs, it’s totally collapsible. This makes it super useful for taking to the campsite, as well as on the trail. Whether it’s for a cookout, or rocking yourself to a relaxing evening on the back deck, this high back model really does the trick. 

Great Deal Furniture Cara Outdoor Adirondack Acacia Chair 

Outdoor Adirondack chair that folds

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This rocker is brought to you by the nearly ubiquitous outdoor furniture style that you’re likely to find in lake country. This Adirondack style wood chair makes for a great rocker, with a high back, wide arms and a deep seat. Seriously, you won’t want to get out of this thing once you plop yourself down into it. Just make sure you have some handy outdoor furniture around to set your drink on next to it! The chair itself comes in a neutral dark brown finish which in my honest opinion would look good against just about anything. It brings a rustic wooden look and feel without feeling too lodgey, or campy for that matter. The Acacia wood finish makes it a great piece for outdoors, and it will easily be able to withstand rain and sunlight. Besides the comfortable design, the wooden slats have a decent amount of spacing to them, which makes it pretty breathable. In other words, you won’t ‘stick’ to it. Besides that, you’re likely to find that this chair is a great pick for use on the lawn, or on the deck! Just don’t expect to be able to take it with you anywhere. 

AmazonBasics Outdoor Textilene Zero Gravity Rocking Chair 

AmazonBasics zero gravity rocking chair

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Alright, there’s a lot going on with this one. But, it’s Amazon Basics, (so it’s totally worth having the chance to review!). Amazon’s own line has it’s ups, and this chair can definitely be counted among their ‘wins’. The beige rocker comes with the increasingly popular ‘zero gravity’ design. For those of you not familiar with zero gravity chairs, these consist of a mix of mesh and bungee wrapped around a frame to make you feel almost weightless as you lean into it and relax. They’re truly something to behold, and they’re unbelievably comfortable! This rocker comes with a removable pillow, oh, and it’s totally collapsable. It folds up neatly to give you the perfect combination of comfort, practicality and of course a smooth rocking motion. While we don’t love the leg design, it does the trick. Especially considering the legs meet at the back, ensuring the chair doesn’t rock too far backwards. A much welcome feature indeed! 

Leigh Country Aspen Single Rocker

Rocking chair made for outdoors rustic style

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Pricey, but worth-it, this ultra-rustic lodge style rocking chair will make you feel like you’re at a Rocky Mountain resort. It comes in a light pine wood construction, which is half balcony chair and half rocking chair. This thing is comfortable, and the smooth finish imbued on the pine leaves it feeling like it’s made to last against the weather, or whatever else life has to throw at it. It’s comfortable, looks incredibly cozy in your outdoor patio furniture setup, and invites guests to sit down and take in the atmosphere. It has a large seat, and a 300lb weight limit that makes it feel incredibly durable and welcoming if you like to take your rocking chair sessions with a big comfortable blanket. 

Thanks for checking out our list of reviews for the best outdoor rocking chairs! Please let us know if you’ve ever used one of these, or bought one in the past. Share your experiences and tips with other readers in the comments down below, and don’t forget to check out our selection of patio furniture, BBQ lifestyle and backyard accessory reviews!