Best Patio Fan: Easy and Breezy

Summer is the best season to enjoy outdoor entertaining and it’s when the patio gets the biggest workout.

Although it might be warm and sunny, it can also get a little hot, which is where a simple outdoor patio fan can step in and save the day.

What does an outdoor patio fan do?

An outdoor patio fan can be installed in the ceiling or as a standing or wall mounted fan, and they’re built specifically for outside environments with higher ratings for damp and wet conditions.

When choosing an outdoor fan for patio use, you should consider budget, size, and cooling capacity, to make sure you get the right fit.

These fans are made specifically for outside use and keeping everyone comfortable while they’re outside, but there’s a bit more to them than that.

If you need to increase the cool factor of your outdoor space and be ready for summer, check out our reviews of some of the best outdoor patio fans and what they’re all about.

An outdoor fan is a smart buy for any patio and it’s a cost-effective way to keep cool in the warmer months.

We’ve searched far and wide for the best outdoor patio fans to suit every setup and budget, so check out what they bring to the table, both good and bad.

Winner: Lasko High Velocity Fan

Lasko High Velocity Fan
  • Material: Metal
  • Controller Type: Manual
  • Mister: No

The Lasko High Velocity Fan is the best outdoor fan for patio use, with three powerful speeds and pivoting movement to improve ventilation.

This fan features three 20 inch metal blades that provide its cooling power and it’s a great option for using outside as a standing patio fan, or you can use the included QuickMount accessories to put it on the wall.

The cost of this fan made it a standout, considering it offers many of the same benefits and features that others do, and for half the price.

You get the option of using the standing position or having it wall-mounted, a powerful motor, and different speeds to choose from, so it does everything that the competition does just as well.

Another feature that customers raved about was the shape of it, with a square base that kept it upright and stable, while still being easy to maneuver and position as needed.

You get an amazing powerful breeze while the fan is on the floor and far away, without having to worry about any wild weather, kids, or pets knocking it over.

There were some minor setbacks that lost this fan some points though, including the noise factor.

A few customers complained about it being so loud, whereas others didn’t mind the noise, and those wanting something for white noise specifically found it just right.

If you prefer your fans to be quiet so you can enjoy the ambiance outside, this won’t be the best choice.

Additionally, there were mentions that the three speeds this fan is capable of don’t feel that different.

The lowest speed is still quite high and does a great job of moving the air around, and moving it up to the highest didn’t make it that much faster.

There’s no slow speed it seems, so this isn’t going to be right for people wanting just a light breeze.

The measurements of this fan are 22 x 12.6 x 22 inches which makes it compact, yet powerful.

The pivoting head can turn a full 360 degrees to reach any area of your patio you need, without you having to lift a finger.

The QuickMount kit includes everything you need to mount it on the wall, and it has a large metal fan cage and rubber pads on the stand if you want to keep it safely on the floor.

Lasko has created one of the most powerful standing patio fan options on the market today and has done it for half the price.

It comes with a one year limited warranty from the manufacturer, and if you buy it on Amazon, you’ll also get free shipping and returns for your peace of mind.

The High Velocity Fan from Laska ticks all of the boxes and won’t cost a fortune, so if you need a powerful fan, it’s the best choice.

Runner Up: iLiving Wall Mounted Fan

iLiving Wall Mounted Fan
  • Material: Steel, Metal
  • Controller Type: Pull chain
  • Mister: No

iLiving’s Wall Mounted Fan is one of our favorite picks in this category, with weather proof construction, 18-inch curved blades made of powder-coated aluminum construction.

The fan measures 8.25 x 21.8 x 22.3 inches and weighs 20lbs in total thanks to its galvanized steel frame, so it’s a decent mid-sized fan that still provides a lot of wind power.

What makes this a standout is its suitability for outdoors, and there are loads of features that make it great for the patio without having to second guess whether it’s going to last.

The lubricated and sealed motor won’t be bothered by moisture or heat, so it’s perfect for all climates and all seasons of the year.

Additionally, the fan is one of the better made models out there, and everything from the galvanized steel frame to the aluminum blades proves this.

Just by inspecting it, you can see that it’s been carefully constructed but built to last, so if you only ever want to buy one patio fan, it’s the way to go.

The downside to this fan is that the blades are only 18 inches, and when you stack that up against the other options with 20+ inches of blade, it does make a difference.

The larger width of the blades helps to move the air more effectively and provides better airflow, and you might miss what this couple of inches can do.

Another negative to note is the lack of a low setting on this fan, with many customers claiming they never turned it higher than the first speed and still felt a little overwhelmed.

While this might be good for people who like their fan as fast and powerful as it can be, it’s not that great for weather when you only want a light breeze or just need a fan to get the air moving under the patio.

However, there are still lots of features worth talking about, including the 10-foot power cord that requires no extension lead, pull chain control to change speeds with ease, and industrial motor housed inside.

iLiving also makes a water feature that you can add to this fan for an added cost, should you want a patio misting fan as well.

To get your hands on the iLiving Wall Mounted Fan, head to Amazon to check them out, and get one sent for free thanks to the online marketplace.

iLiving offers a one year parts and service warranty on this device as well, and free returns from Amazon, so you have nothing to risk when giving this compact but mighty fan a try.

Alternative: Hurricane Pro Fan

Hurricane Pro Fan
  • Material: Metal, Aluminum
  • Controller Type: Dial
  • Mister: No

The Hurricane Pro is a powerful fan that stays true to its name with an airflow rating of 4500 CFM and a 1400 RPM motor, which shows just how impressive it is.

This wall-mounted fan offers three speed settings, all metal construction, and 20-inch aluminum fan blades, all with black powder coating for a sleek look.

The Hurricane Pro weighs around 17lbs, and is designed not just for patios, but also workshops, sheds, and other industrial areas that need a lot of airflow.

The best feature of this fan is the thermally protected motor with an auto shut-off feature, so no matter the weather you can use it safely.

For an outdoor fan, having safety features like this is especially helpful, and it means you don’t have to second guess when the temperatures are high or if you accidentally leave it on for the night.

People also loved that this heavy duty fan lived up to its reputation and it was the perfect choice for outdoor spaces with a lot of ground to cover.

This won’t be ideal for up close and personal patios where you want a light breeze, because as the name suggests, it’s capable of creating winds that feel like a hurricane.

However, there were some drawbacks that customers mentioned, like its larger profile that made it come out from the wall more than others.

If your goals for a patio fan are something sleek that looks discreet, you won’t find it with the Hurricane Pro.

The cord was only six feet as well, which might mean you have to use an extension lead just to reach the power supply.

As a heavy duty fan, it can be a bit noisy as well, and even when it’s running on the low setting this is still a problem.

Sitting right in front of it and trying to have a conversation with someone else can be a challenge, so when you’re mounting it on the wall at home, you want to keep it as far away from the action as possible.

The Hurricane Pro features an oscillating feature and adjustable tilt so you can point it any way required with ease.

The fan is ETL certified as well, which means it’s rated highly for safety and quality, and when you pay for a more expensive fan like this, you’re paying for this peace of mind.

Overall, the measurements of the fan are

If you want serious airflow, the best fan for outdoor patio, workshop, or shed setups has to be the Hurricane Pro.

This fan has a one year warranty, and if you buy it online at Amazon, you’ll also benefit from free returns and free shipping direct to your door.

This is a powerful fan that means business, and if you’ve been searching for extreme airflow, the Hurricane Pro can deliver.

Alternative: Lasko Misto Fan

Lasko Misto Fan
  • Material: Aluminum and plastic
  • Controller Type: Knob
  • Mister: Yes

Our pick for the best patio misting fan in this category comes from Lasko with their Misko model.

This all-black floor fan promises to reduce air temperature by 25 degrees, features a 90-degree pivot, and large automatic louvers that create a wide sweep of the air and deliver mist all around.

The fan attaches to your water supply to provide an ongoing fine mist and there are three settings to choose from, depending on how much water you want.

The best advantage of the Lasko Misto is that it cools down the room instantly, including outdoor spaces like patios and open-air entertaining areas.

If you live somewhere that gets extremely hot, you’ll appreciate how it doesn’t just provide airflow but actually makes a noticeable difference to the temperature.

Another bonus is that the fan is made specifically for use outside so it’s got all of the right stuff to protect it against rain, wind, and heat.

Even if the weather turns and your new fan gest rained on, there won’t be an issue, as it’s built to withstand it, and it’s UV and rust-resistant for longevity.

However, with this misting ability, you’ll also find that the wind created by the fan isn’t that impressive, so it seems you have to choose one benefit or the other when shopping around.

Customers had hoped they would get more airflow from the fan and not just the cooling mist, but they didn’t, meaning it’s not going to be the right fit for every patio or climate.

Another setback is that that patio floor gets wet when you turn this on, and more so than other misting fans out there.

You’ll need to find a place to position it where this won’t become a safety issue, and depending on how your patio is laid out, this might not even be possible.

Having to lay down a towel or mat in front of it does ruin the sleek appearance of the fan as well, and probably isn’t ideal.

The Lasko Misto comes with a 9-foot water supply hose that attaches to any standard garden hose so it provides continuous moisture, and a three-prong grounded GFCI plug for safe electricity use outdoors.

Cleaning your Lasko Misto is easy with the removable misting bar and screen that pulls out, and the entire unit weighs just 16lbs so you can move it around as needed.

If you’ve always dreamed of having an air conditioner on your patio, you can get the next best thing with the Lasko Misto.

This misting fan comes with a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty, and free shipping and returns if you purchase it through Amazon.

To dramatically reduce the temperature of your patio without blowing too much of a gale, the Lasko Misto is one to get.

Alternative: OEMTools High Velocity Fan

OEMTools High Velocity Fan
  • Material: Steel and aluminum
  • Controller Type: Knob
  • Mister: No

If your patio is in dire need of a commercial-grade outdoor fan, look no further than the OEM Tools High Velocity fan.

Everything about this fan is powerful, including the 1080 RPM motor, 24-inch blades, and 6800 CFM airflow, blowing the competition out of the water.

The fan is made of a metal housing with aluminum blades and comes with everything you need to mount it to the wall easily.

This is one of the better fans for homes with large patios as it’ll do a fine job of reaching every corner of it.

The power that comes from this fan alone is enough to keep everyone cool and as it’s rated as commercial quality, you’ll get an amazing amount of air flow from just one device.

Customers were thrilled to find all of the outdoor friendly features that came with the OEM Tools High Velocity Fan so it could easily be used outside and even without the cover of a patio.

The plug is designed for outdoor use, the motor housing is IP44 rated for water resistance, and it can withstand sleet, snow, and rain without having to be moved inside.

On the downside though, it’s a loud fan, and while this might not matter so much in a commercial setting like a workshop or large shed, it does on the average patio.

Unless you have a whole lot of space to keep this fan far away, you’ll have a hard time hearing anyone around you speak, which isn’t ideal when you’re entertaining.

Another negative to point out is the price, with one of these fans costing almost double of the others we’ve reviewed.

Unless you have an absolute need for something of this power and wind capacity, you can probably find a cheaper alternative, and save yourself a couple of hundred dollars.

The OEM Tools High Velocity Fan measures 28.5 x 9.75 x 28.1 inches and weighs around 37lbs, so it’s one of the heftier options out there.

The high air flow is guaranteed to keep mosquitoes away and it works well in spaces like large patios, decks, gyms, workshops, and sheds.

To equip your patio with a serious machine, head to Amazon to find the OEM Tools High Velocity Fan, and see what commercial-grade airflow can do.

Disappointingly, OEM only covers this with a 90-day warranty, and for this price, they could probably do better.

This fan is available through Amazon for the best price online, along with free shipping to your door and free returns for 30 days, so it’s easy to get a powerful fan for your patio without any of the hassle.

Patio Fan FAQs

Patio Fan FAQ

The best outdoor fans for patio entertaining are those that suit your space, as well as the other monetary and design features you deem important.

Before you dive into purchasing a new fan, check out these commonly asked questions that can give you a rundown on what they’re all about.

What Fans Can Be Used Outdoors?

A damp rated ceiling or wall-mounted fan is the best choice for outdoors as they’ve been specifically designed to withstand the moisture that might occur outside.

Standing fans are also suitable, as they can be moved back inside as needed, and won’t be as exposed to the elements as much as a mounted fan.

How Many Blades Are Best For Outdoor Ceiling Fan?

The most common outdoor fan blade count is three, but you can get fans with anywhere between three and six blades and still have them be effective for outside use.

The more blades, the quieter the fan usually is, but anything more than six and it may impact the fan’s ability to cool.

Will Outdoor Ceiling Fan Keep Mosquitoes Away?

As a lightweight insect, a mosquito will find it hard to fly underneath an outdoor ceiling fan that’s operating at a high speed and creating a strong current in the air.

However, it should not be the only method you use to keep them away if mosquitoes are a problem on your patio.

Are Metal Or Plastic Fans Better?

Metal blades are better at moving more air and generally heavier, but plastic fan blades are cheaper to manufacture and can still do a good job of blowing air.

The best choice for your patio will depend on your budget, style, and speed requirements, with one likely meeting these better than the other.

A Cool Addition to Any Patio

A simple and well-placed fan can improve ventilation on your patio and make entertaining outside all the more enjoyable in summer.

With our favorite picks for outdoor fans and some knowledge on what features you should be looking for, you’ve got everything you need to find the coolest fan for your patio