The Best Outdoor Putting Green

“Putting is where you make all the money”, countless scores of sometimes solicited, other times completely unsolicited amatuer instructors would tell me. The fact of the matter is, they’re probably spot on. Even a mediocre long-game in golf will get you to the green. But if you can’t put, you can’t get the ball in the hole and save yourself valuable points on the scorecard. Wagering might slowly become a thing of the past, but bragging rights are far from it. The sacred game of golf is either won or lost on the green, and if you can’t get down with that, then you better start practicing asap. Thankfully, you’re in luck! Here we’ll review some of the best outdoor putting greens to get you closer to where you want to be on your scorecard, and stop you from feeling burnt out on the putting green. 

What are the Best Outdoor Putting Green Practice Mats? 

It’s one that gives you the ability to practice putting in an environment similar to the one you’re going to be doing it for real. And yes, that is incredibly important for developing a consistent shot each and every time. In our reviews, we’ll include a variety of models that give you different opportunities for placing the perfect putt. Versatility, value and quality will be the primary factors that will decide how these products make our list. 

We’ve all been there. You’re on the 12th hole, and all you’re doing is begging in the back of your mind to get back to the clubhouse. Your putting game has been embarrassingly scuffed, with numbers across your scorecard that make it seem all that more daunting each and every time you step on to the green. Not to make enemies here, but if you’re anything like me and you say you prefer to take a chip rather than a putt. It probably means that your putting game could stand to be improved upon quite a bit. There, I said it! Put the time into developing a winning putting shot that will get you to where you want to be, and increase your level of confidence on the green. Remember, it’s all a game. 

How to Improve Your Putting During Practice 

Look, at the end of the day there’s about a million gimmicky and over-priced golf aides that are going to promise you that they’ll be able to improve your swing, score and technique overnight. The fact of the matter is, it comes down to implementing a training plan and sticking to it, just like anything else in this life. We’re going to review some of the best outdoor putting greens, short of having your own installed and maintained, so you can make drastic improvements in your score, as well as your confidence. Just remember, your golf game is nothing without the proper technique, and the discipline to make it happen. Check out some of these models below in our reviews to get an idea for what’s out there. 

Petgrow Pro Putting Green Turf 

Petgrow Pro Putting Green turf best outdoor putting green for practicing on turf

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For the DIY ers among us, this putting green turf represents a challenge waiting to be undertaken by the clever or highly motivated golfer. Basically, this popular turf provides a perfectly cut, (artificial)surface for which you can use for clearing puts in your backyard, or your basement space. However, while the quality and space are there for this putting practice map, you’ll still have to rely on your own skills to get it running the way you want it to, but you’ll have total control over the ‘design’ of this practice putting green. That being said, it doesn’t consist of much more than a cut to make room for the cup/hole, and some creative outdoor placement with this map to make it work for you. The upside to using a design like this is that you have the freedom to be able to arrange any fast runs, steep slopes or bends in order to create the perfect training environment for you. This is definitely one solution to keep in mind.  

Pelz Player Golf Putting Map 

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Pelz golf putting mat offers players something a little different to allow them to practice with ease. This is one example of a putting mat which can easily be utilized either indoors or outdoors depending on your personal preference. The key when using a mat like this one, is to be able to practice the tempo, direction and depth of your putting shot. Being able to practice the power of the shot by aiming for any of the 3 holes at different distance intervals is what makes the difference between sinking it, or racking up another point on the hole you dread the most. This mat has an exceptional surface material that allows you to really fine-tune your approach to putting speed. The greens are always a bit fast with the pelz plater golf putting mat, but it’s the consistency and quality that makes this mat a really viable training tool.

Put-A-Bout Putting Green 

Putting green for practicing in your backyard

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Made from a resinous material, this small but effective putting training matt would be a great addition to just about any player’s arsenal. This system allows you to practice your speed and accuracy with a short but sweet and simple drill. You’re required to shoot the ball up a soft incline into one of three holes. However, a series of faux sandtraps located behind the holes in order ot test your level of discipline with the putter. I’ll be the first one to say that I’m totally guilty of knocking the ball out of the park when it comes to what should be a fairly simple putt. Thankfully. Practice mats like these are designed especially to help you compensate for your tendency to overshoot, or create too much speed on your putting shot. 

Champkey Speed control Putting Mat 

Champkey artificial turf for practicing putting outside

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This is yet another helpful aide that you can make use of either outdoors, or inside. There’s two things you’ll notice about the Champkey speed control mat right out of the gate. It has a huge range of indicators so you can focus clearly on your targets and direction. This serves as an immediate feedback mechanism for letting you know where your putting swing is placing you. One more feature about the Chmapkey that makes it truly unique is that it can emulate the feel of grades and slopes in a putting stroke path. This is especially important for being able to predict the path of the ball ahead of time, and becomes a valuable skill that will make a HUGE impact on your putting game. Counter the slopes, adn anticipate your distance and speed ahead of time with this valuable puting practice tool. 

Gracetech Golf Putting Green System 

Gracetech putting green system to practice your golf game

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The Gracetech is a large 10x4ft putting system with a professional grade mat material specifically designed for helping you sink the ball on the putting green. It’s large, and perfectly well suited for use specifically outdoors on a deck or patio. Get a grip on your game and play style by utilizing this forgiving, yet challenging outdoor putting green. This model shines in its sheer size and versatility, making it a great pick for those of us looking for a much larger space to practice on without having to shell out hundreds if not thousands to professional landscapers. Bring the green to your backyard and have fun doing it! We love this mat for its size, value and how just plain fun it is to use. 

The best outdoor putting green is one you’ll use frequently. And, with enough practice you’re bound to see a significant difference in your game. Still unsure which mat will end up best suiting your needs? If you’re really unsure, I would recommend the Champkey speed control putting mat. It’s good for indoor and outdoor use, and it gives incredible feedback on one of the most important factors of making a successful put: your speed and tempo. If you’re able to nail these two skills in unison, you’ll start to see your score come down in no time!