Best Motorized Retractable Patio Awnings

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Quick and convenient shade on your patio at the click of a button? That’s exactly why we’re here to review the best motorized retractable patio awnings! We’ve gathered some important know-how and went so far as to review the most popular models of automatic patio awnings to keep you in the loop when it comes to shade on demand. 

What Are the Best Motorized Retractable Patio Awnings? 

Here’s a few things to take into consideration before you buy your first motorized patio awning. Keep in mind factors like clearance for the moving parts of the structure, as well as the environment you’re going to be installing it in to get the most out of your purchase! 

Remote Controlled Vs. Manual 

Awnings, or sunshades typically come in two different modes of operation for your deck or patio. Those being manual, which involves a crank or handle that’s required for retracting the awning itself. Remote controlled, or motorized awnings use a powered cylinder to retract the awning without any manual input aside from a remote control. 

Are Patio Awnings Waterproof? 

Almost all awnings, manual or otherwise, are water resistant or at least water repellent. Their shape and slope are well suited to repelling water and causing it to drip off of the front of the awning. 

Some of the motorized retractable patio awnings featured in our reviews below are specifically advertised for their waterproof canopies in particular. If rain and water are a concern for you, keep an eye out for these models of patio awnings. 

Can You Leave Awnings Open in the Rain?

In a light rain you can. In a heavier downpour you should close your retractable patio awning, be it motorized or manual operation. While they’re designed to take the weight of the awning and canopy, the lourves of the retractable awning aren’t intended to take a whole lot of force outside of the weight clearance it was designed for in the first place. Avoid costly repairs or replacement costs and take the time to close your awning and go indoors when there’s heavy rain outside. 

ADVANING 14’x10′ Motorized Patio Awning

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This wide awning comes completely motorized and capable of providing shade whether it be for a patio, or even an RV! This model is versatile enough to fit just about anywhere you want a little extra shade thanks to an easy to use mounting system, too! 

It’s motorized via remote control, but also has an available manual crank if you prefer. The casing around the awning is a durable steel with a heavy duty roller that’s corrosion-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about the lifespan of this piece either. 

Finally, a high-quality polyester canvas makes this awning a prime candidate for one of the best motorized retractable patio awnings you can install just about anywhere! 


  • Versatile mounting system with weatherproofed components 
  • High quality polyester canvas 
  • Durable outer casing and inner retractable roller 


  • Front flap of the awning looks sloppily designed 

ALEKO Retractable Motorized Patio Awning

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This awning by Aleko is 12X10, making it perfectly suitable for covering your conversation piece, or small dining set with some much needed shade out on your patio! It’s ideal for mounting just about the patio door, too! 

This model comes in a slightly more traditional multi-striped yellow that’s the perfect amount of retro. Also, you’ll be pleased to know that this retractable patio awning is water, UV, and rust resistant! If you’re looking for a model that can take a bit of weather, this awning definitely fits the bill. 


  • Rust resistant design for inner tubing and housing 
  • Canvas is treated for UV resistance to help avoid blotches 
  • Unit is surprisingly easy to install 


  • Useful features like wind sensors are an optional add-on 

Aleko 16×10 Motorized Retractable Black Frame Awning 

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This awning comes on to the scene with an almost totally modern look that sets it apart from your dad’s awning. Besides being motorized, it comes with a sleek black canvas that’s perfect for keeping your newest addition to your patio, something that will fit in nicely! 

At 6’, this patio awning is perfect for covering larger outdoor spaces. Just be sure to install it on an exterior wall with power! This awning has a fast roll up and deploying speed so you can stay one step ahead of the sun, too. 


  • Wide canopy size for lots of coverage against UV rays 
  • Included hand crank for manual operation is so desired 
  • Durable long-lasting frame that’s quick to deploy and roll up 


  • Gives you wider shade reach without any additional depth 

Diensweek Motorized Patio Awning  

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At 12’x10’ this motorized retractable patio awning fits right into the mid range of what’s available for motorized models in a similar price range.

The canvas here, pictured in red, has an impressive 100% UV resistance, so you can rest assured that you can relax outdoors on your patio without building up an unwanted tan! 

Create a small sheltered oasis from the scorching hot sun right on your outdoor spaces! Thankfully, it also comes with a small crank rod that’s useful for operating this awning away from any power. Depending on your preferences, you can switch between both modes at the click of a button! 


  • Swap between a remote controlled and physical twist awning opener 
  • Ideal size for smaller patio spaces
  • High grade polyester is totally UV proof 


Advanining Classic Series Motorized Patio Awning 

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This patio awning is designed by a brand that’s getting a lot of credibility lately. And for good reason, too! 

Let’s start with the canvas. It’s completely UV protective, has a rich color and textured look which is backed by the strength and water repellent nature of the entirely acrylic fibers. 

Together, this makes the perfect 1-2 punch of UV protection and water resistance which will make your time spent out on the patio a lot more enjoyable and free from pesky weather related annoyances. It’s a 16’ x10’, too so it has spectacular large area coverage for patio dining sets and seating areas. 


  • Large awning size for lots of coverage for shade and rain repellant 
  • UV proof canopy for leading protection from the sun’s rays 
  • Water resistant acrylic fabric design


  • End of the canopy is somewhat underwhelming in its lack of stitching or structure 

The Best Motorized Retractable Patio Awnings: Conclusions

Having one of these canopies over the sweltering hot summer is honestly a lifesaver. Not only that, but you don’t have to worry about finicky or troublesome manual systems that have to be maintenanced. These no-fuss motorized dmodels of retractable patio awnings take the complication and frustration out of getting shade on-demand.