Best Outdoor Games for Team Building

There’s a lot of tried and tested team building games for any organization out there. Today, we’re going to review some of the ones that you can use right out of the box! These are the best outdoor games for team building, reviewed for their appeal and enjoyment factor. If you feel like an office scavenger hunt or game of dominoes won’t quite cut it, you can look to these fun and engaging games to bring your team back together. More often than not, a fun day out and about can do a lot to cut down on tension and isolation in the workplace. 

The Best Outdoor Games for Team Building to Bring Everyone Together 

Bringing people together in the workplace is a lot easier said than done. Thankfully, there are some games and activities that focus on teamwork from a basis of fun and enjoyment. With these reviews, I wanted to include a mix of outdoor games for team building that could be used together, or individually to require team members to work together, and let loose a bit. 

These games can either be traditional competitive dexterity games, familiar past times or slightly silly exercises that require everyone to move in the same direction. There are a wealth of hokey and mass produced ‘board game’ type experiences out there for teams to use, but they’re largely just re takes on the same old ‘ice breaker’ type of exercise. These games are more physically engaging, and can be played outside to help bring everyone outside of the office for a day. 

Create a Culture of Play in Your Organization 

This is the perfect opportunity to encourage employees within and outside of teams to engage with each other on a more casual level. Sportsmanship and even competitiveness can help break up some of the tension or stress in the workplace by allowing employees to get to know each other better. 

tir up some laughs, create whimsical office game rivalries and bring everyone together over something fun. Break up some of the rigidity of the day to day, and make your organization one that treats team members and customers with a sense of friendliness. 

How to Throw a Team Building Day Outside of the Office 

First, we’ll lay out some suggestions for how to throw a fun and active team building day outside of the office to promote participation and enjoyment for everyone involved! These don’t have to be stuffy, overly planned or structured. Keep in mind that the goal of any team excursion is to create an environment where employees can relate to each other, share some laughs and have a good time. 

Tips for Hosting a Team Building Day for Any Organization 

  • Keep it casual! Make it feel less like you’re recording an episode of The Office, and more like a laid-back BBQ outing. 
  • Let everyone know what to expect ahead of time. Schedule one of these days as often as you need depending on operations. Once a year, twice annually, once a quarter? Whatever works best for your organization. 
  • Incorporate a pot-luck, or cater the get together. Nobody’s going to want to open up or enjoy themselves on an empty stomach. Provide refreshments or even alcoholic drinks if appropriate. 
  • Hand out pre-made name tags so people from other teams or departments can get to know each other. 
  • Choose a recreational location that isn’t just the sad patch of grass in the front of your business park. Provide transportation, or encourage employees to car pool with each other if possible. 
  • Offer internal credits for engagement, like a lunch-and-learn style system that encourages active participation. 
  • Create a fun environment around the games by letting teams of employees practice team based activities ahead of time to compete with one another. 
  • Let the team building day inspire a new break room league like foosball, shuffleboard or cornhole! 

Now that we’ve covered some of the most basic corners of a good team building day for the office, let’s dive into the best outdoor games for team building so you can plan a fun and light-hearted offering of games! 

The Best Team Building Game for Teams to Compete 

4 Legged Race Bands 

4 Legged race bands for the best team building game for teams

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This is a simple, straightforward agility game that comes right out of middle school field day! Pit teams against each other for a hilarious and light-hearted agility themed game that everyone already knows how to play. Teams of 4 can attach a strand of bands to each foot, connecting them in a way that requires them to work together creatively to overcome the challenge, and win a foot race against an opposing team! This can be a great way to blend teams from different departments. Sit back, and watch the hilarity of the annual 4 legged race rivalries commence! 

The Best Cooperative Team Building Exercise Game 

S&S Team Bucket Challenge 

The best cooperative team building bucket challenge

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Creativity and problem solving blend into a challenge that will require 4 team members at a time to work together to transport either water, or balls from one place to another using a purpose-made bucket. Teams don’t just need to move in unison, but coordinate who is responsible for moving a certain way in order to manipulate the bucket accordingly. If communication is stale in your office, this is a great outdoor team building game to pull people out of their shell. 

The Best Tension Relieving Team Building Game 

XBEN Tug of War Ropes With Flag 

Tension reliving stress relief game tug of war for office teams

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This team-based game is competitive, and really helps to raise the spirits of just about anyone who’s willing to play! Put a line in the ground, and get ready to team up and put the strength and endurance of your team to the test. As anyone knows though, tug-of-war is about a lot more than just brawn. Each team will have to communicate, and work together closely to coordinate their efforts and have the most impact on the rope. 

The Best Outdoor Trust Building Game for Teams 

Training Wheels Lycra Tube Game 

Training wheels lycra tube game team building cooperative practice game

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This is a simple, yet effective physical team building game that requires everyone to rely on each other, and demonstrate some level of trust. The best part about this game is its sheer simplicity, so it could easily be used as a selection of available exercises in an outdoor team building day for your organization. Team members will be able to each lean back on the fabric, and support each other at the same time. Not only will it put their trust in each other to the test, but also serve as a fun way to get a group discussion, or introductory session going! 

The Best Team Building Game for Physically Disabled Employees 

Giant Jenga Style Tower Game 

Jenga style tower game for team bulding exercises

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This 3-in-1 package comes complete with a storage box, and straightener which makes setting this game up a total breeze! I wanted to include something for employees who might not be able to participate in traditional outdoor team building activities, and there’s no coincidence that it’s a great time, too! This game is essentially Jenga, and while it doesn’t have any clear organizational benefits, it’s a way for employees to let loose, cheer each other on or maybe even create a bit of a lighthearted rivalry. 

Best Dexterity Game for Team Building

Outdoor Ring Toss Game

Ring toss game for agility based team building games

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 This game is designed to put employee’s dexterity to the test, creating a competitive atmosphere and a fun activity for team members to enjoy at a team building outing! This is a great opportunity to open up discussion, too. Employee’s can voice a frustration and ‘throw’ it into the board, and collaborate with one another to work on being more open about some of the problems in the workplace. In my personal experience, something as simple as a distracting and enjoyable game like this can bring people together like none other. Make it a part of your team’s outdoor team building day! 

Thanks for checking out some of the best outdoor games for team building! These are just a few suggestions to get you in the mood for a day of bonding and lighthearted fun with members of your organization. Team building exercises don’t always need to have such a profound meaning, so much as they just need to serve as an excuse for everyone to play together, and engage over something besides work. Know of any other great games? Leave a comment below and let us know!