Best Offset Patio Umbrella

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Enjoying a day out in the sun shouldn’t mean peering through your fingers to talk to your friends and family while the sun shines its brightest. Luckily, there’s patio umbrellas designed specifically for keeping the sun out of your eyes without getting in the way of your patio layout. Take a look at our reviews for the best offset patio umbrellas below to get an idea for what’s out there! 

What is the Best Offset Patio Umbrella? 

First we’re going to go over some of the things you should know before you buy an offset umbrella! They’re not all that useful when you’ve got on that you have to end up returning, anyways. 

Umbrella Size 

This is going to be one of the most important factors that you should take into consideration when looking for a patio umbrella! If you’re using one of these umbrellas to cover a conversation set, or table you’re going to want to be sure it’s actually going to provide enough shade. 

Make sure to be aware of the size of the canvas of the umbrella you’re interested in. Also, offset umbrellas sometimes provide shade differently. For instance, one that tilts will cast shade in an elongated manner that depends on the shape of the umbrella as well. 

Tilt Function 

Offset umbrellas typically include some kind of tilt function where the canopy meets the umbrella pole itself. In some cases this means it can tilt vertically, other times it will tilt horizontally to cover a slightly longer area of shade. Oftentimes this can be changed along with the height of the canopy which you might want to take into consideration if you’re covering a seating area, or one where people will frequently be standing. 

Additional Features 

Offset patio umbrellas sometimes come equipped with additional features that might make or break your particular selection. For instance, some may come with pre-installed LED track lighting, while other umbrellas include a base that you can fill with either sand or water. It all depends on what your specific needs are for your patio, but definitely something to take into consideration. 

Securing Offset Patio Umbrellas 

Patio umbrellas are the best way to increase the level of comfort on your deck or patio without changing anything serious, but you should be cautious about the placement and installation of the umbrella itself. 

These are somewhat prone to heavy winds, just like any other type of umbrella. While some models of tilting umbrellas offer more soundproofing than others, you can expect to have to find a reliable way to secure these to whatever surface they’re on once you’ve picked one out. 

There are two common options for doing so: cement umbrella bases and of course bolting. The latter is a little more involved in terms of installation, but will provide you with a lot of peace of mind going forward, especially if you’re on a wood deck or patio. If using hardware just isn’t an option, search for a cement base to go with your umbrella since they rarely ever ship with one included.

Reviewing the Best Offset Patio Umbrella 

Now that we’ve covered some of the basics, it’s time to jump into our reviews for the best offset patio umbrellas! 

Viney Banquet 11ft Cantilever Offset Patio Umbrella 

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This is an incredibly robust and practical patio umbrella that’s offset to cover a wide area with shade without being in the way. We love the classic blue dyed canopy and coated aluminum pole and legs which give this umbrella a modern yet universally agreeable look. 

The canopy on this model is well-made, with a fade resistant UF proof coating to protect it from the sun for years to come. 

It rotates 360 degrees around, and gives you the potential to mount the entire umbrella to a wooden deck or patio at the base should you so desire. The cantilever tilting action allows you to tilt the umbrella to the desired pitch, which helps you cover any area of your deck or patio with shade as the sun moves throughout the day. 


  • Fade resistant canopy for UV protection 
  • Cantilever system and 360 degrees of rotation for excellent shade coverage 
  • Large 11ft 2-tiered design for added strength and stability


  • Cannot be used without weighting or securing the base 

Purple Leaf 10 Foot Wide Double Top Sunbrella 

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This large beige market umbrella gives you the option of covering your deck or patio with an offset design that lends well to dining tables. That’s because the square shaped double top canopy is ideal for covering rectangular or square dining sets in shade without leaving anyone peering through their fingers to protect their eyes while they’re eating. 

If you couldn’t tell already, I’m a huge fan of the cantilever design. In this model it allows the umbrella to tilt freely, while also adjusting to the exact height that you need it at. 

The canopy itself comes in a very mild heather beige, with the pole a oak-ish tint. That being said, it’s available in several different designs. 


  • 10 Feet of square shade coverage ideal for outdoor dining sets in the sun 
  • Cantilever design allows precise placement of the canopy for excellent coverage 
  • Unique double top market design gives this umbrella a luxurious look to it 


  • Not included are any form of weighted base, despite being pictured with one 

ABCCanopy 11ft Half Round Wall Patio Umbrella 

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Bear with me here, because I know I’m going a little upstream with this one. It’s not technically an offset patio umbrella, but the canopy itself is offset from where you’ll be using it! This unique design is a half round wall patio umbrella. In other words, it’s designed to be used next to the wall of your home, whether that’s on your deck or on a patio. 

The canopy is 11 feet wide, and there’s a traditional style crank for lowering and opening the canopy itself. On top is a ‘spider-web’ like design, which provides great coverage for a small seating area or conversation set. It’s ideal for about 2-3 people. 


  • Designed specifically for use against exterior walls for small conversation sets 
  • UV proof design with a light beige canopy that allows light but not rays 
  • Perfect for use in front of patio doors 


  • Only provides enough shade for roughly 2-3 people comfortably 

Sunnyglade 11Ft Cantilever Offset Patio Umbrella 

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With 11 feet of coverage, this tilting cantilever patio umbrella is perfect for outdoor spaces where you want to give yourself some shade without having to dance around an umbrella pole, or peer around one just to talk to your friends and family. 

It comes with a heavy duty tilting system that allows it to be universally positioned to keep the sun out of your eyes no matter where it’s coming from. 

The cantilever uses a zipper system for reliably sliding up and down the track, giving it lots of stability and a long-lasting overall design. 


  • Innovative cantilever track system for long-term use and stable positioning 
  • 360 degrees of rotation to cover any area of your deck 
  • Powder-coated aluminum for a weatherproof design 


  • Weighted bases necessary for use aren’t included in the package 

Bumblr Rectangular Tilting Patio Umbrella 

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At 6.5×10 feet, this rectangular shaped patio umbrella canopy may very well be the best offset patio umbrella for covering a dining area. What I mean by that is the rectangular shape is well suited to tilting and providing wide-angle shade coverage for most outdoor dining sets. 

It’s UV protected against the sunlight to prevent it from fading, keeping it looking new for years to come. It tilts on a button-action, which makes it easy to maneuver for just about anyone, too! 


  • Wind and UV resistant canopy design for weather protection 
  • Large rectangular shape for excellent coverage over outdoor dining sets 
  • Versatile design that can provide you with shade anywhere in your backyard 


  • Although stable, the large canopy isn’t as well supported by joints as some of other models of a similar size 

Conclusion: Our Reviews for the Best Offset Patio Umbrella 

After reviewing these umbrellas, it’s clear that they each provide similar amounts of coverage, although in completely different ways. The shape, tilt angle and rotation functionality of each umbrella makes them slightly more effective for use in different parts of your patio or deck.  

Overall however, I’d have to give it to the Viney Banquet 11ft Cantilever Offset Patio Umbrella for its style, and incredibly well-designed structure. Besides being completely weatherproofed, this model also has an incredibly stable feel to it.