We Review the Costco Patio Umbrella Range

Costco is the first place people look for home goods, including patio furniture, and if you’re in the market for an outdoor umbrella, they have a great range.

Like the rest of Costco’s offering their patio umbrellas are affordable and easy to use, but they might not have everything you need in this outdoor accessory.

What brands of patio umbrellas does Costco have?

At this time, Costco stocks seven different brands of patio umbrellas with a range of sizes, materials, and colors to choose from.

Although there’s a lot of variety, they’re all low to mid-range in price and quality, so it might not be the best choice for those wanting a premium option.

There’s a lot on offer when you shop at the huge wholesale store and it’s a great place to deck out your whole patio with furniture and accessories.

We’ve checked out the entire range of Costco patio umbrella brands and products to see if it’s a good match for you, and what the Costco shopping experience is all about.

Costco’s Patio Friendly Range

Costco Logo

Costco is a wholesale company that has a chain of retail stores throughout the US and the world.

Their ranking as the fifth largest global retailer highlights how popular they are, and why many people turn to them for great deals on all of their home goods, pharmacy, grocery, and other everyday products.

For many people, Costco makes sense as the one-stop shop for anything to do with patios or outdoor spaces as well.

Their range of umbrellas is impressive and there is no shortage of options when it comes to different sizes, shapes, and designs, and they’re all priced at mid-range or less, so they’re accessible to everyone.

Shopping at Costco is easy as well, with options to visit one of their thousands of stores, or head to their website to do it all from home.

The entire range of Costco patio umbrellas is available online with shipping, warranty, and customer service, just as you’d expect from any other reputable store.

The Brands and Products For Sale

The Brands and Products

Patio products take up a huge portion of the range at Costco and their outdoor umbrellas have their own category.

A quick look online and you’ll see that they currently stock patio umbrellas and accessories from seven different brands, including:


Agio is the most upper market patio umbrella brand on Costco and ideal for people who want to spend a little more to get luxury.

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This is a budget-friendly brand that makes standard patio umbrellas in a range of sizes and shapes, without any of the bells and whistles.


SunVilla doesn’t make umbrellas but they do create dining sets and tables with an umbrella hole.

This allows you to place your new umbrella inside for shade while dining outside, and it’s a universal size to fit the other Costco patio umbrellas they have for sale.


Ivena is an outdoor brand that creates dining tables, covers, and caps, all compatible with the patio umbrella.

A small selection of their range is available through Costco so you can get a complete dining set delivered straight to your door.


Sirio is a premium manufacturer of patio brands and one of the more exclusive brands available on Costco.

While they don’t create umbrellas on their own, their range of tables is designed with a universal size hole in the center to fit them.

Seasons Sentry

This brand focuses on protecting your patio furniture and they offer covers on Costco that are a universal fit for the umbrellas they sell.

They also produce entry-level umbrellas made of Sunbrella for a lower-cost version that still gets the job done.

Veranda Classics

Veranda Classics produces dining sets for the patio, each with a pre-cut space for an umbrella to be placed.

Their furniture is well made and mid-range in terms of price, with all of the benefits of shopping at Costco available when you choose their goods.

Pros and Cons of Buying Umbrellas At Costco

Pros Cons

Shopping at Costco for a patio umbrella isn’t for everyone, so if you want to know the good and bad that the online warehouse offers in this regard, check out some of the pros and cons that others have experienced.



Costco is all about price matching and beating the competition, so you’re guaranteed the lowest price through them.

If you don’t want to spend a fortune on a patio umbrella but still want a reputable brand, Costco is the place to get it.

Lots of brands

At last count, there were seven different brands selling patio umbrellas, umbrella-friendly dining tables, and related accessories on Costco.

Better still, brands are coming on board every day so there’s always something new to see.

Customer support

Costco offers more for their customers during the shopping experience than most online stores.

If you’ve never shopped online before, it’s a huge benefit to have them there every step of the way.


No premium products

Costco isn’t known for stocking upper class or prestigious brands like other department stores, so don’t come here for premium patio products.

Their range is for low to mid-range shoppers who want a good deal and a brand that everyone knows.

Small range for each brand

Although there are seven brands available currently, not all of them have a huge selection of umbrellas listed with Costco.

You may need to look elsewhere to get a better idea of what else a patio brand offers, as a few only list umbrella-related products and not the shade itself.

Customer Service, Shipping, and Warranties

Costco began as a brick-and-mortar chain store and there are still thousands of locations across the US that offer this service.

However, online shopping is where they shine today, mainly because of how easy it is to complete the process, from browsing through their umbrellas to having them shipped to your door.

Some products in the Costco umbrella range come with free shipping, and others charge a fee.

If you want your umbrella express shipped, however, this will always cost extra, but both services are offered by UPS for your peace of mind.

If you don’t like your umbrella when it arrives, Costco offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee with all of its products.

Furthermore, most of the brands they stock offer a warranty on their products as well, so if there are any issues with the umbrella in the future, they will honor it.

Why Costo is Best for Patio Products

The Best

By far the best thing about shopping through Costco is the cost, and you’re guaranteed to get the most competitive price no matter what you’re buying.

Their patio range is always changing and new brands are being added to the line-up, as well as the reputable favorites that customers have come to know and trust.

Costco makes it easy to shop as well, with their returns, shipping, and customer service, so you’re getting more than if you just buy from the umbrella brand direct.

However, this type of shopping experience isn’t for everyone, and if your patio dreams are more high-budget and prestigious, you’re better off shopping somewhere that can meet this taste level.

Smarter Shade From Costco

Costco is the place to go if you want affordable mid-range patio umbrellas, and with a huge selection of brands to choose from, there’s something for everyone.

While they might not be the most high-status name for patio furniture, they do have a lot of umbrellas to choose from, and you can find yourself a great deal if you’re willing to search for them.

Related Questions


Patio umbrellas are great at keeping the sun off you and your outdoor furniture, and shopping at Costco shows you just a fraction of what’s out there.

If you’ve been thinking about investing in a patio umbrella but want to know a little more, check out these FAQs and our expert answers to learn the basics.

What Fabric Is a Patio Umbrella Made of?

Acrylic fabric is the most common choice for constructing a patio umbrella as it’s fade resistant, protects against UV damage, durable, and keeps water away.

Other options include olefin, canvas, polyester, and acrylic, or sometimes a combination of two or three together.

How Large Should a Patio Umbrella Be?

A patio umbrella’s diameter should correspond to the size of the table it’s covering and how many people will be seated at it.

A table under 30 inches in width will need at least a six -oot umbrella to do the job, ranging up to a table measuring 60 inches or more that will want at least a 10-foot umbrella covering it.


More Patio Umbrella Information: