The Best Fire Pit Chairs

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Pull up a seat! We’re going to review the best fire pit chairs for you, your guests and your family to kick back in while enjoying a nice summer fire. Cookouts are just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to anyone’s perfect summer mix of activities, with bonfires and lounging around the fire pit coming in a very close second. Get the most out of your outdoor space with pieces that match your lifestyle, or even just the look you’re trying to achieve on your deck, patio or yard spaces. Here we’re going to look at seating around the fire pit that helps you get just that, while also helping to create a warming and welcoming environment. 

We Reviewed the Best Fire Pit Chairs 

We’ve got the deets on outdoor fire pit seating ideas, but there are a few things you might want to keep in mind, too! We’ll dive into some reviews for the best fire pit chairs below, too. But first, let’s talk a little bit about what makes a good one so you know what to keep an eye out for when you’re thinking about how, when and where you’re going to be using these chairs to get the best bang for your buck! 

What’s a roaring, warm and welcoming fire pit without somewhere nice to sit? Not much more than a yard trimmings fire if you ask me! 

Outdoor Fire Pit Ideas to Consider 

Style is pretty much pinnacle here, since you want to create an environment where… Well, people want to sit! The look and feel of your seating set up is going to depend on practicality, comfort and of course style. Er, summed up? What gives off the best vibes! These seating options are a good place to start: 

Lounge Chair Fire Pit Seats 

In other words, not camping or deck chairs. These outdoor loungers are made from materials that are totally impervious to the weather, yet still give off a cozy, laid back feel that’s indicative of a poolside retreat. We recommend this style of outdoor seating particularly for patios, and even decks and of course a fire pit that juts off of a pool area, or maybe even graveled space.  

Camping/Portable Chairs for Around the Fire Pit

These are a more flexible, and possibly even portable option to consider. Are you using a portable fire pit, or gathering around one at the cottage or campsite? Lightweight, and portable chairs are what you’re going to want to go for. Unless you’re relying on patio furniture you’ve left up at the patio, these are the perfect option for a quick and easy set-up and takedown for your seasonal trip up the the cottage or campsite. 

Folding Outdoor Recliners 

Ideal for just about anywhere, these are just about the most versatile type of chairs that you could hope to find. They’re light enough that you could move them around at a moment’s notice, but still comfortable enough that you could rely on them to create a welcoming seat that anyone would like to snuggle back into around a fire. More comfortable than a bench, but still light enough to move from the patio to the grass, and then back again. These are a more cost-effective way of making everyone feel just a little more comfortable than a truly budget option. 

Check out our review for the best fire pit chairs below! 

The Best Folding Outdoor Fire Pit Chairs

Amazon Basics Textilene Outdoor Adjustable Zero Gravity Chairs, 2-Pack

Amazon Basics Outdoor Textilene Adjustable Zero Gravity Folding Reclining 3-Piece Lounge Chair Set with Side Table, 35 x 26 x 43 inches, Beige

For a folding chair option like we discussed above, Amazon Basics comes out strong with a fantastic cross between a value option, and a truly comfortable seating solution that’s versatile for a whole host of other uses across your outdoor spaces.

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These so called ‘zero gravity’ chairs are incredibly ergonomic, and almost make you feel like you’re weightless. They consist of a synthetic material suspended by bungee-like chords around the frame of the structure of the chair that help to create a zero gravity feeling, especially when you recline to achieve maximum comfort.

In reality, these are comfortable for multiple seating positions, giving you and your guests options to enjoy the fire exactly how you want. And, the next day you can move them up onto the deck for a relaxing sunbathing sesh. Comfortable, economical and most importantly, an inviting chair to relax on! 



Patio Chair for Outdoor Seating with Washable Cushion

AECOJOY Patio Adirondack Wicker Chair,Outdoor Coconino Wicker Chair with Cushion and Pillow,All Weather High Back Rattan Wicker Patio Dining Chair for Garden,Backyard,Porch,Grey

Albeit this isn’t a natural wicker chair, you definitely wouldn’t want a big bundle of kindling next to your firepit. And that being said, it feels much more comfortable (and less scratchy) than one anyways! This wicker-style chair is a magnificent choice for comfortable upright-style seating that’s best suited for a patio or deck wood burning or propane fire pit.

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Can you use it on grass out in the yard? Absolutely, the wide square legs won’t pierce into your grass at all, making it a fine choice for those who don’t want to sit in chair legs that are staked into the ground by the time they’re about ready to get up. It comes with a washable cushion in a greyish black that matches the black wicker construction of the chair.

Both the chair and cushion are completely weatherproof, as well as impervious to fading and fraying. This is especially key for those who want to be able to ‘set and forget’ these chairs outside without worrying about too much. 



Sunnydaze Outdoor Curved Fire Pit Bench 4-Piece Set

Sunnydaze Outdoor Curved Powder-Coated Black Metal Mesh Fire Pit Bench - Backless - Set of 4

Looking for a patio set that will get everyone seated without breaking the bank? This is easily our favorite value option, but it doesn’t come at the cost of style for your deck or patio fire pit set! This is a great option for those who want bench seating that’s well-suited to a circular fire pit design, where everyone can sit around it while in use and enjoy each other’s company over a roaring fire.

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These four metal bench chairs consist of a coated mesh construction that’s totally weather resistant, while still making for a comfortable enough seat for taking in the fire. These are especially useful for groups of four who want a way to gather around a small fire pit.

They might not be recliners, but they’re low-profile, don’t take up too much visual space on your patio, and can easily be pushed together when not in use to free up high traffic space on your deck or patio area. 



Fire Sense 62430 Black Coconino Wicker Chair 

Patio Sense 62430 Coconino Wicker Chair All Weather Lightweight Durable Adirondack Style Chair Grey Outdoor Cushion Included - Black

This incredibly inviting lounger by Fire Sense really manages to live up to its name. Designed with fire pits in mind, this option combines comfort and style wonderfully in a wicker chair style design that beckons you to take a seat.

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Perhaps even with a cozy blanket and a drink in hand. The wide-arm style is ideal for really flaking-out by the fireside, or leaning back to take in your company over the dancing flames. It features a comfortable off-white cushion that contrasts the dark color of the wicker, both of which are weatherproof. 



Greesum Patio Furniture 4 Pieces Conversation Set

Greesum Patio Furniture 4 Pieces Conversation Sets Outdoor Wicker Rattan Chairs Garden Backyard Balcony Porch Poolside loveseat with Soft Cushion and Glass Table, Brown and Beige

The Greesum 4 piece set cuts the difference between a lounger, and acts as really the closest thing you can get to your average indoor seating set except it is completely weather-resistant and ultra comfortable.

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The set consists of a loveseat style ‘couch’, and two chairs. Ideally, this adequately seats about 4 people comfortably. What I love about this set is how well suited it is to augmenting any other outdoor seating options you may have. Plus, it looks great while doing it!

These are a joy to sit on, and they can be easily arranged around a fire pit of any size, wood burning or otherwise. One thing that’s worth noting is that the narrow wicker rattan style legs on these outdoor furniture pieces are really only suitable for solid surfaces. They may fare well on gravel, but are ideally only for use on a wood deck, or solid flat patio. 




Thanks for checking out our reviews for some of the best fire pit chairs for taking in a fire with your favorite company! If you have any experience using fire pit chairs, or purchasing them in the past, let other readers know what you think down in the comments below. 

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