Best Privacy Screens for Patios

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Anyone should be able to enjoy their comfortable and relaxing outdoor spaces without prying eyes, nosy neighbors or even just plain old onlookers. Get a little slice of outdoor living that’s all yours, and yours alone with the best privacy screens for patios. 

What are the Best Privacy Screens for Patios? 

We’ll kick off with some useful information that you should have in hand to know before you buy, before going into some detailed reviews of the best privacy screens for patios. 

Choosing the Right Privacy Screen

Take stock of these factors before you make a final purchase for your deck or patio: 

  • What’s the length and height of the area you’d like to cover with a privacy screen?
  • Can you apply small zip-ties to the railing or surface you’d like to affix the screen to? 
  • What color of privacy screen would best suit your overall patio, siding and deck stain color? 
  • How much opacity do you want in your screen, if any? 
  • Is there an optimal position where you can install your privacy screen so it can double as a windscreen/shade?
  • Does your HOA have any bylaws concerning the use of privacy screens? 

Can you Pressure Wash Privacy Screens? 

These come in many shapes, sizes and of course materials so it’s tough to say in general but to be safe you should avoid using a pressure washer to get these screens clean. Instead, opt for a gentler stiff brush, or even just a cleaning cloth with a very small amount of white vinegar or dish soap. 

After that, simply rinse and allow it to dry while it’s still installed. Most of these screens produced today are made with HDPE, a high-density polymer that dries quickly and is more or less waterproof. This means that it’s much less likely to develop mold or mildew, and shouldn’t need to be cleaned quite so frequently. 

How to Install a Patio Privacy Screen 

The beauty of these screens are just how easy they are to set up and install. The first thing you’ll want to do though, is double check the manufacturer’s instructions. The reason being is to ensure that there’s no particularities with your screen. This could be related to how tight you should make the zip-ties, to certain allowances for its function as a windscreen. 

After that, it’s off to the races! Align your privacy screen with your railing or trellis and simply put the zip-tie through the steel eyelet, around a piece of the surface, and back through again. Personally, I recommend putting the side with the end of the zip-tie on the inside of the screen so that it looks cleaner and more orderly on the outside. 

Love Story 3’x10’ Charcoal Balcony Screen 

Love Story charcoal balcony privacy screen

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Although originally intended for balconies, this privacy screen works perfectly for patio railings in repelling nosy neighbors and wandering eyes alike. It brings enhanced privacy to your backyard and outdoor areas, as long as they’ve got a railing suitable enough for the 3ft tall screen material. 

It’s listed as ‘heavy duty’, which turns out to be an HDPE, (high-density polyethylene), is incredibly breathable which makes it perfect for drying after rainy conditions. In other words, you shouldn’t have to worry about mildew as long as you’re following the manufacturer’s recommendations. 


  • Blocks substantial UV rays for added shade 
  • HDPE material is easy to clean
  • Affixes easily to most deck and patio railings 


  • Not quite as long as similar models 

Huomi 3’x16.4’ Railing Privacy Screen 

Railing privacy screen for use on patios

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This is another railing-style privacy screen that’s really well suited for both balconies, as well as patios with a railing or trellis that you can affix it to. It uses a simple steel eyelet and zip-tie system that’s incredibly easy to install, and should take less than an hour to set up. 

We love this privacy screen for several reasons, chiefly among them is its inherent UV-proof design that works wonders for fending off unwanted rays as well as prying eyes. This model in particular comes in a variety of colors to suit your patio’s design. It’s also fade resistant and easy to clean while it’s still installed. 


  • Easy to install out of the box 
  • Versatile as long as zip-ties can attach properly 
  • Covers a large surface area 


  • Less practical for patios that don’t get a lot of sun 

Expandable Privacy Screen Fence for Balconies 

Expandable best privacy screens for patios

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Produced in a traditional expanding screen style, this privacy screen takes a more natural form with a decorative faux ivy that’s fit for outdoor decoration. If you want a privacy screen that doesn’t really look like a privacy screen, you can use one of these to make your neighbors think you’re just opting for a certain type of outdoor patio decor. 

Even when expanded, the artificial ivy is more than enough to obscure you and your guests enough so that you can carry a conversation or play a party game without anyone staring at you the whole time. This is especially nice to have when your backyard is in close proximity to your neighbors and you’re on a raised deck. 


  • Mimics traditional ivy on trellis look
  • More ambiguous as a privacy screen 
  • Expandable to fit your space perfectly 


  • Doesn’t entirely block out your patio

SUNNY GUARD 3’X10’ Deck Privacy Screen 

Deck privacy screen to block out the sun

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This black mesh screen doubles as both a windscreen, as well as a privacy screen. Much like similar models it comes with a series of easy to use zip-ties that are useful for installing it onto railings, trellis or any other surface suitable for ties. 

It’s HDPE made, with an easy to clean surface that’s also excellent at blocking incoming wind gusts as well as providing some extra shade. Not only does this make a great privacy screen, but it’s really useful for those who like to play board games or cards outside. The anti-corrosion and windproof material should stand up for years, too. 


  • Long product lifecycle after installation 
  • Easy to use zip-tie setup 
  • HDPE is easy to clean and anti-mildew 


  • Grey ‘concrete’ color might not be suitable for everyone

Windscreen4Less Exterior Roller Shades for Pergola

Roller shades privacy screen for pergola and gazebos

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Those with a pergola or even open-sided gazebo on their patio or deck will make great use of these roller shade style blinds. They’re a ‘classier’ way to get a little bit of privacy, without completely blocking out the sun, or your view of the deck. It’s definitely more than enough to give you and your party a little more privacy while you’re out on the patio. 

The size of it is 8’ wide x 7’ long, and it’s installed on the horizontal trusses of your pergola on whichever sides you prefer. It’s easy to install, as well as operate with a simple pulley system that goes up easily with a few screws. It has a breathable mesh fabric that’s only somewhat opaque, but dense enough to cool down your patio a bit in the process. 


  • Some sunblocking and shade provided 
  • Easy to operate 
  • Only slight assembly required 


  • Mostly only suitable for pergolas

Conclusion: Best Privacy Screens for Patios 

Personally, If I wanted a privacy screen I’d want it to look a bit more discreet even to the point of being a little transparent. In my opinion, the expandable privacy screen fence does that incredibly well. 

The faux ivy has an awesome visual design that’s perfect for adding another element of decor to your deck or patio, without cramping your overall look. If you’re looking for something that provides more visual cover and less transparency, there’s definitely better options in our reviews above. 

For that purpose, sticking with darker fabric made from HDPE is a great choice for making a patio that’s much more private. Of course there’s added benefits that come with using these types of privacy screens! Those are some wind proofing and extra shade. A lot of these privacy screens advertise some level of UV protection, so they’re great for filling in any gaps in your sun shade setup on your patio

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